The most drinking country in the world

The government of every power does everything for it,so that it won international prestige, increased the welfare of its citizens, held honorary positions in prestigious ratings. But there are ratings that do not add glory to the state. This includes the rating of the most drinking countries in the world, which without a shadow of a doubt can be called an anti-rating.

If an ordinary citizen is asked about whichthe country drinks more than all alcoholic beverages, in most cases it is possible to hear the answer "Russia". However, this statement of reality does not answer. Of course, domestic and foreign filmmakers do not take fantasy when speech in their film works is about the Russians, but we are ready to debunk this myth. Do you want to know which country is the most drunk in the world? Then this article is for you!

Top 10 Drinking States

Before I tell you in which country they drinkmore, let us draw the intrigue. So, who determines the volume of consumption of hot drinks and on the basis of what criteria? Of course, all those who wish, including print media and Internet resources, can deal with such calculations, but the World Health Organization has priority in this area, which is not surprising.

Experts of the above organization annuallywork on compiling reports on how many liters of alcoholic beverages were produced, imported and exported in each country. As a result of simple calculations, a specific figure is obtained. Further in the WHO establish how many liters of pure ethyl alcohol is contained in the total volume of alcohol consumed by the citizens of the state. Then this indicator is divided by the number of residents of the state who are already fifteen years old. Yes Yes! It is 15, because teenagers to alcohol, unfortunately, are not indifferent.

The World's Drinking Country in the World 1

The World's Drinking Country 2

The World's Drinking Country 3

And now the promised - the list of the 10 most drinking countries in the world. The first three included Belarus, Moldova and Lithuania. Followed by Romania, Russia, Andorra and Hungary. Close the anti-rating Czech Republic, Slovakia and Portugal. It should be noted that the situation may changeEvery five to six years. So, back in 2005 Moldova was leading, today it moved to the second stage, and Ukraine, which occupied the fifth place, today is not included in the top ten at all.

The absolute world record

WHO specialists found thatthe average Belarusian over 15 years annually consumes about 17.5 liters of ethyl alcohol. If you count the daily "dose", then it will be equal to the notorious "50 grams". It would seem that nothing beyond the bounds, this indicator, according to WHO, is an absolute world record. True, it is doubtful and does not give the right to be proud of the achievement of the inhabitants of Belarus. By the way, women in Belarus drink three times less than men. If the first drink annually 27.5 liters, then the ladies only 9.1 liters.

The World's Drinking Country 4

The World's Drinking Country 5

The World's Drinking Country 6

Do not you think that this is a lot? Then compare: one inhabitant of the planet (average, of course) a year consumes no more than 6.2 liters. Impressive, is not it? As for Moldovans and Lithuanians, they lag behind the leader even less than one liter.

What kind of alcohol is preferred by the inhabitants of the planet Earth? Strong! Vodka, rum, whiskey, gin and tequila are the leaders, and the second place belongs to the beer that every third person in the world drinks. By the way, Russians are unconditional leaders in the consumption of vodka, the French prefer whiskey, Italians and Moldovans - wine, and Indians - rum.

The World's Drinking Country in the World 7

The World's Drinking Country in the World 8

The World's Drinking Country in the World 9

You will not read about the harmful use of alcohol in our article. And not because we do not share this view. This, as they say, "is a completely different story."