Holidays in Egypt in winter

End of summer does not mean that the nextThe holiday season will have to wait a whole year. After all, in order to plunge into the summer again, you can just buy a tour to any country, to where the winters are radically different from ours. So, for example, it is very advantageous to purchase a burning ticket to Egypt in winter.

Egypt - temperature in the winter months

In winter, the air temperature in Egypt is veryComfortable for rest. In the daytime, the air warms up to 30 degrees, and falls to 15 degrees in the night hours. This temperature difference does not suit everyone. But lovers of active beach holidays and those who do not tolerate suffocating heat will appreciate it. The coldest months are January-early February. At this time, cold winds are blowing, but not everywhere. Some resorts are located very conveniently and mostly bad weather bypasses them.

Egypt in winter - where is warmer?

The best resorts for winter holidays inEgypt is Hurghada and Sharm al-Sheikh. In Hurghada, a little windy and cooler, so many prefer the second option. The best time to rest in Egypt in the cold months is from November to the end of December. At this time, nature does not bring unpleasant surprises, and the rest succeeds in glory.

A winter trip to Egypt with a child will be held forIt is much easier than in the hot summer months. After all, an unusually dry and hot climate is not reflected in the best way not only on the baby, but also often on adults. Therefore, winter vacation with a child is preferable. In addition to entertainment, it can be easily taken with him to the beach and sightseeing trips, without worrying that he will be capricious because of the heat and ask to go home. Older children will agree with great interest to look around the neighborhood and historical monuments, if they do not suffer from the heat.

Rest in Egypt in winter is an excellent choice for those who want to save the family budget. Weekly trip for one person will cost 250-300 dollars with a good five-star hotel.