what to bring from Minsk

The main city of hospitable Belarus is visitedMany of our compatriots. And as with any trip, I would like to bring to relatives and friends some kind of souvenir characteristic for the country or city. So, we will tell you what souvenirs to bring from Minsk.

The best souvenirs from Minsk

  1. Souvenirs from golden straw. The skillful hands of Belarusians turn ordinary straw into magnificent hats, caskets, paintings, figures of people, animals, plates.
  2. Linen products. Beautiful towels, bed linen, linen tablecloths, and even with national embroidery are considered one of the symbols of the country.
  3. A figurine of a bison. In the list of what can be brought from Minsk,Be sure to include a figurine of a bison made of wood, which symbolizes the famous Belovezhskaya Pushcha. From this material, elegant caskets, dishes, figures of people and animals are made.
  4. Slutsk belts. Thinking about what to bring from Minsk, pay attention to slutsk belts of unique beauty. True, now sold souvenirs, stylized as a unique national symbol.
  5. Sweets. It is better for women and children to purchase sweets and sweets of high quality from the Minsk factories "Spartak", "Krasny Pishiverik" and "Kommunarka".
  6. Shoes and clothes. If your loved ones prefer practical gifts, go through the branded shops of Serge and Milavitsa lingerie brands, Belwest and Marko shoes and bags, and Conte stocking.
  7. Balsams (alcohol). For a friend or colleague, balsams of the Minsk wine-cognac enterprise Minsk Kristall: Minsk Kryshtal Lux, Belorussky, Belovezhsky and many others will be an excellent present.
  8. Cosmetics. For beloved women, it is worth the feat and go to the store, where you can buy inexpensive, but high-quality cosmetics "Belita" and "Vitex."
  9. Clock. As a wonderful gift for a person you dear, you can pick up the clock of the Minsk factory "Luch".

Among souvenirs from Minsk, in search of thatBring to family members and friends, you can pay attention to bright wooden spoons, dolls in national costumes, magnets and plates with Minsk sights, boots from sheep's wool and hats, various ceramics and birch bark products.