Relaxation on the Black Sea

Here comes the long-awaited summer vacation season. Some of us plan to rest abroad: in Turkey, Egypt, Bulgaria, etc. And somebody decided to spend a holiday on the Black Sea coast. You have the opportunity to buy a ticket to one of the boarding houses, holiday homes or sanatoria. But if you want to choose a holiday savage on the Black Sea, then before you go, it is necessary to decide where you will go, where you will live and eat.

Wild on the Black Sea

One of the main issues when planning a holiday- accommodation. The most budgetary type of recreation for savages on the Black Sea is accommodation in tents. The tent can be put in a camping (though it will already be a paid service, though not particularly expensive) or in any place you like on the beach or in the woods.

Below are listed the best places for rest by savages on the Black Sea coast of Russia.

  1. Krasnodar Territory is simply designed for the wildrecreation. It is here that the popular camping sites "Nazarova Dacha", "Pine Grove", "Blue Abyss" and others. If you want, you can stop not in the camping itself, but nearby, right in the middle of the forest of Pitsunda pine trees. Nearby there are several slopes to the sea, glades under the tents and wonderful wild beaches of the Black Sea. There is also an entrance for cars, which is extremely convenient.
  2. Resting savage in the Black Sea 1

  3. Not far from Tuapse is the rock Kiseleva -An excellent place for rest by the savage near the Black Sea. Tents can be placed right on the beach. Landscapes of this area are very picturesque. It was here that the famous episode with fishing was filmed in the film "The Diamond Arm". The main drawback of this area is increasing popularity among tourists. Therefore, it is better to go here by the end of the velvet season.
  4. Relaxation on the Black Sea 2

  5. Between Dzhanhotom and Divnomorsky was spread outA wonderful wild beach, beautiful and surprisingly deserted. The pebbles here are large, sunset in the sea is not so convenient as on the civilized beaches of the Black Sea, but the advantages of a savage rest are undeniable. On the local beach you can light a fire, enjoy silence and loneliness, and if desired - and nudist rest.
  6. Resting savage in the Black Sea 3

  7. At the river Asha, between Lazarevsky and Tuapse, there isWonderful seaside camping. It is located just 50 meters from the sea, thanks to which a wonderful view opens directly from the tent. As one of the advantages of camping, one should note the presence here of fresh water and minimal amenities.
  8. Rest of the savage on the Black Sea 4

Also note that the trip by savages to the BlackThe sea is best planned either before the start of the beach season (in May) or in the fall. Arriving on the coast in July-August, you will be unpleasantly surprised by the influx of tourists and locals, resulting in a holiday savage loses its charm.