Teletskoye lake recreation by savages

There is no better way to feel in the worldFree than to go on vacation in some uncharted corner of nature. And not as part of an organized tourist group, but in itself - a "savage". And for recreation savages have no better corner in all of Russia than Lake Teletskoe in Altai.

Rest on the Teletskoye Lake in summer 2015 by savages

Let the city's comfort in captivitythe middle class is further confused that "savagery" is the prerogative of only those who are not afforded a civilized rest. Like, what's good - to feed mosquitoes in the forest? But only those who have never been on the Teletskoye Lake can count this. None of the five-star hotel will not replace the heady fresh air, the endless mirror of the watery surface and the romance of night gatherings by the fire. And do not be afraid that such a vacation will turn into an endless overcoming of temporary difficulties - a system of so-called "Caravan parks" has long been used on Teletskoye Lake. Caravan parks are created specifically to reduce the influence of a person on the unique nature of the Altai Territory: in them any person will find all the necessary tourist equipment and will be able to put the tent in a specially designated place for it. Guests of the caravan park can use the shower and toilet, replenish the necessary supplies and even get firewood for the fire. The territory of caravan parks is protected, which means that tourists do not have to worry about their safety. For the day of stay in such a park the tourist will need to pay a symbolic amount of 50 rubles.

Budget holidays on Teletskoye Lake

If you get into the caravan park for some reasonreasons it will not be possible, then to the services of budget-seeking seekers there are a lot of tourist bases offering rest in stationary tents or allowing to settle in their own tent on their territory. Rest in such conditions is really very democratic prices - spending the night in a stationary tent will cost the tourist an average of 250 rubles. Especially many such bases are located in the northern extremity of the lake.

What to do on Lake Teletskoye?

Although the water in the lake is cold enough and notHas to swim even in summer, bored vacationers will not have to. Inveterate anglers can with a clear conscience do their favorite thing, because the waters of the lake are full of fish. Here you can find burbot, pike, perch, bream and many other kinds of fish. Forests are not inferior to the waters in abundance: berries and mushrooms are waiting for lovers of "quiet hunting". And real hunters have a chance to get a sable, a wood-grouse, a bear or a wild boar, but only accompanied by an experienced huntsman.

Sights of Teletskoye Lake

In case the wild rest is pandy, it can be enlivened by sightseeing of local sights:

  1. If the soul requires beauty, but the body of movement,You can make an ascent to the Tilan Tuu mountain, from the top of which you can see an amazing view of the northern part of Teletskoye Lake and the source of the Biya River. The height of the mountain is only 741 meters, and you can climb it on foot or by bike.
  2. On the territory of the Altai State Reserve, tourists can see several beautiful waterfalls at once. Some of them can be reached only by water, for example, to the Korbu and Kishte waterfalls.
  3. Natural souvenirs for friends can be found inStone Bay, which is near the village of Iogach. On the banks of this small bay are scattered a lot of freakish stones, which will serve as an excellent reminder of a perfectly spent vacation.
  4. With the history of the lake and related legendsYou can get acquainted while visiting the local museum of local lore "Hermi-tash". The exposition of the museum presents works by folk artists and local artists.

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