Lake turgoyak recreation savages

Lake Turgoyak - the deepest in the Urals. Its maximum depth is nineteen meters. And also - this is the most beautiful place in the Chelyabinsk region. The waters of the lake are very clean and transparent, while quite cold. So bathing here even in hot weather does not like everyone.

There is a lake near the village with the sametitle. And if earlier residents of the village earned a living by mining coal and wood, today it is a purely resort area, and the main earnings is the income from tourists. Especially for them for 40 km around the lake are equipped with all kinds of tourist bases, sanatoria, hotels, rest homes. And yet many prefer to rest on the lake Turgoyak in tents, so to speak, "savages."

Lake Turgoyak, Chelyabinsk region - recreation by savages

Wild rest on Lake Turgoyak is represented by inexpensive places under the tents. Tourists are attracted here fishing, the beauty of nature, the opportunity to relax perfectly with the whole family.

Fishermen especially love this lake, because in its transparent waters there are perch, pike, ruff, ide, burbot. They are perfectly visible to the naked eye, which makes fishing even more exciting.

In addition to fishing, there is something to do. For example, to see the islands, of which there are as many as six. On the largest of them - the island of St.Very, you can see the archaeological reserve with the oldest monuments of the Stone Age, visit the cave that was once the refuge of Ataman Pinaev. You can not put tents here, nor can you build fires.

The lake itself and the whole area around it isEnvironmentally protected area, so that unauthorized wild rest is prohibited here. With tents can only be in specially designated places for this.

There are very few beaches on the lake, when it comes toAn even sandy area - there are very few of them here. Basically the shore of the lake is rocky slopes, stony banks. Well, if near your parking lot there is an equipped descent in the form of a wooden staircase. In some places there are convenient pontoons (platforms). Sandy beaches are located on the territories of sanatoriums and recreation centers.

However, this circumstance does not detract fromImpressions from the wild rest - the views from the high rocky coasts open simply stunning. It is beautiful at any time of the day: in the early morning the milk mist is spreading along the water, with the rising of the sun, the sky and water acquire an incredibly beautiful blue hue, in the daytime the bright sun illuminates the whole panorama, in the evening it is impossible to admire the sunset, and at night you will be greeted by the bright lights of the local recreation centers.

How to get to the lake Turgoyak?

If you planned in 2015 on the lakeTurgoyak recreation savages, you need a car and knowledge of the road. So, from Yekaterinburg by car you need to drive along the Chelyabinsk tract 100 km, then turn to Kyshtym or Kasli and follow straight on the main road. You will meet the towns of Kyshtym, Kasli on your way, but you will pass them without entering. But the city of Karabash you will go right through, because you will

Lake turgoyak wild rest

are compelled to call in it. </ P>

Further - we do not turn anywhere, we move directly to the city of Miass. In it we go along the main street to the third or fourth traffic light. On one of them turn right to the village of Turgoyak.

From the village of Turgoyak to the detour of the lake goesAsphalt road, then turning into a forest road. Here you, after paying for the car's passage and the place for the tents, go ahead and choose a parking spot. If the weather is dry, driving on a car is not difficult.

The distance from Ekaterinburg to the destination is about 230 km. From Chelyabinsk the same - 120 km.