Krasnoyarsk sea recreation by savages

Many of our compatriots love to travel toTurkey, Thailand, Egypt. Rest abroad is considered prestigious, but do not forget that a trip by savages to any of the Russian seas or lakes is no less interesting and fascinating. Let's consider as an example rest on the coast of the Krasnoyarsk Sea.

Where is the Krasnoyarsk Sea?

This reservoir refers to artificial, moreover- He is one of the largest in the world, created by the hands of man. In fact, the Krasnoyarsk Sea is a reservoir created in 1967-1970 during the construction of a hydroelectric power station on the Yenisei River.

This artificial sea is located betweenKrasnoyarsk hydroelectric power station and the village of Mokhovo in Khakassia, which is at the confluence of the Abakan and Yenisei rivers. The length of the reservoir is about 388 km, and the width in some places reaches 15 km.

Why is it so popular in this areaA savage? The fact is that the nearest major settlement is located 150 km from the Krasnoyarsk Sea, and therefore there is always a silence and tranquility, not characteristic of the busy popular resorts. Only those who are attracted by a measured rest away from the hustle and bustle of megacities come here. Convenient is the opportunity to use your water transport, as well as good places for fishing. And do not forget about the picturesque landscapes of the reservoir and its environs - you will not find such beauty anywhere else!

Where to relax on the Krasnoyarsk Sea savage?

Opposite the Bryusinsky Bay there is a place forthe name "Glade", which as if by nature itself is intended for rest by savages. There are no comfortable houses, cafes and other attributes of "civilized" recreation. But on the "Glade" you can use the table and benches, equipped with a place for a fire or barbecue, get to use pots, firewood, drinking water and even dishes. This option is suitable for those who are looking for recreation options by savages on the Krasnoyarsk Sea, but does not have the desire or the opportunity to carry a lot of things with them. The busiest place is Primorsk and its environs. There are parking lots for cars, as well as a boat trip to Ogura, Daursky, Shahobaiha, etc., where there are recreation centers and places for wild rest on the Krasnoyarsk Sea.

An interesting option is a trip to the baysSisim, Grindstone, Wolf. On the banks of the reservoir there are small hunting lodges, which are often empty, and here you can settle for a rest absolutely free of charge. It is in the bays that it is best to rest with the children, because there the water gets better and you can choose a place with a gentle beach (although there are many cliffs here).

The Gulf of Shumikha and Shahobaiha offer, besidesSimple rest by the water, and some other entertainments - diving, trips on catamarans, boats and even horses. And in the Bay of Derbin, excursions to the sunken village are arranged, where in the process of fishing you can snatch kitchen utensils and other "trophies" from underwater depths.

Izhul Bay is a crowded place, where, in addition toTraditional fishing and swimming, you can also wander through the forest, approaching the sea coast, gather mushrooms and berries, which are many. Access to the parking is carried out on the field roads - it's not very convenient, but it guarantees you no annoying crowds of vacationers.

Recreation area "Sosnyachok" will meet you more thanhospitably. The incredible landscapes and sunsets are worth it to come here from any part of Russia. How to get to this wonderful place on the Krasnoyarsk Sea, any local resident will tell you: you need to cross a ferry in Novoselovo, as there are no bridges across the reservoir.

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