the sea of ‚Äč‚ÄčNovosibirsk

Not far from Novosibirsk on the Great Siberianthe Ob River is the so-called Ob Sea, a large artificial reservoir that arose after the construction of the dam of the Novosibirsk hydroelectric power station. Officially it is called the Novosibirsk Reservoir, but locals call it the Ob Sea. This was facilitated by a fairly large area (just over a thousand square kilometers), a length (up to 200 km) and a sufficient depth of 25 km. True, the Ob Sea has no habitual salty taste and tides. But this does not prevent the Siberians from spending long-awaited weeks of legal leave here. And so there is no need to order expensive tours to exotic resorts. A real exotica is to jerk the satiated comfort of a city dweller to rest by savages to the Ob Sea, Novosibirsk.

Rest on the shore of the Ob Sea, Novosibirsk

When you are on the shores of the Ob Sea,there is a feeling that you are sunning on the beach of the southern resort town. True, instead of pale green low trees, the reservoir is surrounded by perennial pines.

People from all outskirts of the Novosibirsk regioncome here not only to enjoy the splendor of the landscape and breathe pure healing air impregnated with needles. Many have a great time here, doing their favorite fishing or bathing in the warm, warm summer sun. Unfortunately, the water in the reservoir can not be called crystal clear. Beaches of the Ob Sea are magnificent - they are mostly covered with clean sand. Descent in the majority, equal. In addition, the bottom, being rather small, which is important for family rest, is very clean, practically without stones. True, it is not uncommon for the Ob to break the wind, and then the water comes to the excitement. By the way, in the Ob Sea there are more than two dozen islands of different sizes, where you can go on a boat for a short excursion.

Of course, there are resort areas, especially indistrict of large cities located on the banks of the reservoir - Kamen-na-Obi, Novosibirsk, Berdsk. In their immediate vicinity there are many tourist bases, sanatoriums with organized rest. However, rest from the routine and open up new horizons will help wild rest on the Ob Sea. Fortunately, now the car is no longer a luxury. Who prevents to get out of everyday life on your own car, not focusing on the schedule of buses or trains, and spend a few days in an unforgettable way?

Wild holiday on the Ob Sea, Novosibirsk

It is clear that for a real holiday savagessuitable for the area, which are slightly removed from settlements. So, for example, a good option for recreation on the Ob Sea 2015 2015 in tents will be accommodation in one of the many campsites, for example, Azimut, Zvezda, Neokom, On the Stones. On a clean beach there are places equipped for firing campfires and setting tents. They are many in the suburban areas of Berdsk, Kirza, Bystrovka, Leninsky.

wild holiday on the Ob

However, keep in mind that for parking in the campsitehave to pay. Yes, and for a place nearby recreation centers, camps and campsites, too, will be charged. Usually it is small and will be affordable for any family or company. There are good places for rest on the Ob Sea by the savage along the coast near the Karakan, Ordyn and Ust-Aleus boron. The trees here approach almost to the beach itself, and the descent is comfortable and not very tight.</ P>

Experienced "savages" recommend a rest onshore of the Ob Sea in a tent in a small bay located behind Berdsky near Sosnovka, Sharap, Zavyalovo or Morozovo. The places there are quiet, calm, very picturesque, and, most importantly, not crowded. True, the invasion of mosquitoes and midges, unfortunately, even in the hottest weather can not be avoided.