rest on the Volga with tents of savages

Summer time is ideal for wild recreation. Warm nights only contribute to the decision to leave with tents on the shore of a picturesque pond. And rest on the river Volga savage - a great alternative to sea voyages.

The best recreation places on the Volga by the savage

We present to your attention the 5 most attractive places from the point of view of wild rest on the Volga:

  1. The rest on the Upper Volga by the savage is mainly represented neighborhoods of Yaroslavl, as well as Lake Seliger, which is in the Tver region. By the way, here is the source of the Volga. These places are very fishy and picturesque. Very attractive are also the wild beaches near the city of Kalyazin. Just 190 kilometers from Moscow you can enjoy the extraordinary riches of nature in the middle belt.
  2. The middle course of the Volga is represented by Ulyanovsk. The coast from Ulyanovsk to Krasnaya Yar andCross Towns has good sandy beaches, there is warm water, there is a forest nearby. The only doubtful factor is the proximity of the city. Someone will find this convenient, because if you need something, you can take a car and go to the store. But wild rest hinders such actions, and city noise can break romance.
  3. Shale mine - an excellent place for recreation on the Volga by savages withtents. It is located not far from Isheevka, on the right bank of Ulyanovsk with good descents to the water. The best places for tent camps are in front of the cottage village through ravines. Here are local attractions in the form of flooded mines. True, the shore here is rocky, but firewood is abundant.
  4. Surroundings of Samara. Many praise this area and withPleasure come here for a family holiday every year. Many advise rest on Vasilevsky islands. To get there, you need to come to the city of Ekaterinovka, where on the boat you will be transported to the right place for a fee. However, one has to take into account the fact that many people here camp for the whole summer, so the best places are probably occupied. Less people on the islands Zelenenky, Podgora, Gavrilova Polyana.
  5. Delta of the Volga. Rest on the Lower Volga savage is a pledgeexcellent fishing. The places here are very fishy, ​​here both experienced anglers and beginners dream to get there. And just for a family vacation, the places are just wonderful. Just above Astrakhan, the largest width of the river, it reaches two kilometers. When the wind raises the waves here, the spectacle is simply amazing. And floating dry cargo ships and ships with music on board create a special color.

What to take with you on vacation?

Going to rest the savage on the Volga in the summer of 2015Year, make sure that you have all the most necessary things with you. For example, funds from all kinds of insects: mosquitoes, midges, ticks, flies. They are on the banks of the Volga in abundance.

Do not forget about the first aid kit, because troubles can lie in wait for us both on land and in water. Elementary green,

rest on the river of the Volga savage

Hydrogen peroxide and a bandage - that's a must-have for a wild rest. </ P>

As for food, try not to takeperishable products. When resting in tents, you will not save meat or dairy products for a long time. Tourists are usually stocked with canned food, stews, dry semi-finished products. Food should be enough to last for a few days. And if you are resting near a settlement, it is better to purchase fresh provisions every day.

About what you need to take with youequipment in the form of tents, tourist rugs, braziers, boats and fishing rods, it seems, to remind unnecessarily. Sure, you've already put it all in the trunk of your car. Have a nice holiday!