Khakassia recreation by savages

The food cooked in the Kazanka, the romance of the eveningNear the fire, a tent and a simple nostalgic feeling after returning home and taking a hot shower - all these are the delights of rest without amenities, and many are waiting for the summer with the anticipation of such a trip. Not surprisingly, lovers of recreation savages have long studied all the routes towards the lakes of Khakassia. They all originate from the village of Zhemchuzhny and end on the shore of the reservoir.

Wildlife rest in Khakassia on the shores of Lake Shira

For fans of exotic rest without conveniences the western and northern coast of the lake will approach. It is there that there are almost no people, and the territory itself is boggy at certain times of the year.

To rest does not turn into torture, it is important in advanceTake into account several points. First, buy a nearby wood for the fire, or just fresh water, you will not succeed. But these firewoods you can buy along the route.

Then remember that the rest of the savages onThe shore of Lake Khakassia Shira will necessarily be accompanied by mosquitoes and other gnats due to the peculiarities of the territory. So in this matter it is better to take extra, than to look for what is necessary. The car is usually allowed to put about 50 meters from the shore. When a quiet, secluded holiday is a little bit bored and you want to make noise and impressions, you can always go to the beaches "Sunny Beach" or "Cote d'Azur", where there is a completely landscaped area with rental of water transport and all sorts of cafes.

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Salty lakes of Khakassia - rest on the shore of Belek savage

Now about the rest on the shore of Bely. The whole territory is divided into two parts: Small and Large. It is most convenient to settle on the bank of the Little Reach, in the western part. Remember that entry to the territory is for a fee. But the most comfortable place in terms of location: just a couple of kilometers there is the isthmus, where the wild beach begins. Of course, you can stay in the eastern and northern part, but there is much more difficult to pass. And the coast itself worse places it with pebbles, in some places and at all the stone.

Again, we prepare firewood and water in advance. Local sell firewood, but experienced "savages" are advised still to stock up their own, as often the quality is not happy. Pleasant is the fact that on the lake of Khakassia during the rest you though will be considered savages, but from the world you will not remain cut off, as all mobile operators catch there perfectly. And in recent years, many surfers go there just to ride the waves. But such a favorite activity for many adherents of recreation by savages, like fishing, is prohibited in this part of Khakassia, because the territory is part of the protected area.

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Recreation by savages in Khakassia on Lake Tus

Many people ask where to rest in KhakassiaSavage, choose this lake. The reason is a very high concentration of trace elements and salts in water, which is very useful for the body. And by the way, in such salty water, well, it's very easy to swim.

If you stayed on Lake Belya, then alwaysYou can drive to Tusu. Your task is to find the Chaplan mountain and very near the left there will be a small dirt road. On it you just and will leave to lake Tus. The coast is completely open and apart from the grass there is nothing. And on vacation savage in Khakassia, fresh water will be very necessary on all salt lakes, but there especially. Although, on the equipped beach there is a large tank with fresh water. Salt water for health will be very useful, but remember and about getting it in your eyes. Many diseases are treated in this water. Replenish supplies of provisions can be in the neighboring village of Solenoozernoe, there to refuel the car.

Since all the lakes are very closeTo reach them conveniently one route. As a rule, a train from Abakan and Shira station is the starting point for all three. If you get by bus, then we select Shira, Solenoozernoe.

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