vacation on the spring savages

Not everyone can afford to buy a ticket andTo spend a vacation on the Dead Sea, famous for its medicinal properties. In this case, you can go to the Altai, to the shore of Lake Yarovoye, where even in 2015 the summer is popular with savages.

The healing properties of this water body became known only at the end of the 20th century, as a military chemical plant was built on its banks, and all surrounding areas around it were closed to ordinary people.

Healing properties of Lake Yarovoye

High mineralization of water in Yarovoy is caused bythe fact that this lake is filled with underground sources, and has no surface runoff and sources. To live in such a salty water with bitter flavor can only be artemia, which when decomposed, mixing with silt at the bottom, and form curative mud. These factors contribute to the treatment of many skin diseases and help to combat joint problems. Around the Spring it is useful even to just walk. As water from the surface of the lake evaporates, while saturating the air with bromine and salts, which contributes to the improvement of the nervous system and respiratory system.

Features of recreation by savages on Yarovoy

Located on the shore of the healing lake you can in a secluded place away from the city or in a comfortable tent camp near the village.

In the first variant you will prepare food forBonfire, swim in the salt lake, smear with clay and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the local nature. Such amenities as a toilet and shower, you will be replaced by bushes and neighboring fresh lake. This kind of recreation is chosen by people who want to rest from the noise and want to enjoy the silence of the wild nature.

If you choose to stay in the camp, you will, in addition to all listed, will be available to a variety of other entertainment and even some convenience.

In close proximity to the createdArtificially sandy beaches, near which people with tents are located, local residents organized so-called "quays". During the day, you can go to the toilet, shower, eat, rent equipment, and at night they turn into real nightclubs in the open.

Variety stay on the lake Yarovoye can be visited by the water park, which consists of 5 slides, several swimming pools, including children's, cafes and recreation areas.

Going to the famous salt lake of Altai,kindly consult your doctor for the presence of contraindications to this rest, or, conversely, a recommendation for the necessary procedures for you.

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