Rest on the Baikal savage by car

If you want to spend a vacation with a maximum ofBenefit to the soul and body, then do not even think about it - plan to spend it on Lake Baikal. The amazing nature of these places, hospitable locals and life-giving fresh air will give such a charge of cheerfulness that it certainly will be enough for the whole next year. About the best places for recreation on Lake Baikal by savages by car in 2015, we'll talk today.

Places to relax in the summer at Lake Baikal by savages by car

The first question that arises in eachPlanning to go to Lake Baikal to rest savages - but where is the best place for this? Let's say at once that there are a lot of good places to camp on the shores of Lake Baikal, and everyone will certainly find something to their liking. Since the M-55 runs all along the shore of the lake, it will not be difficult to find a suitable place for parking.

Let's begin our review from the village of Listvyanka. Although the place is quite expensive and is more suitable not for long-term rest, but for short trips, but here you can find several wonderful places, for example, 2-3 km from the hotel "Mayak".

Another convenient place for tentingCamp is located near the village of Utulik near the camp site "Seagull". Having settled here you can combine a wild holiday with a completely civilized one - to live in a tent, but at the same time be able to replenish the stores at any time or to relax in a cafe.

It will be interesting to rest with savages and inVicinities of the city of Baikalsk, also located along the M-55 highway. There is an amazing place called Red Sands, sand on the beaches of which really pleases the eye with a pleasant red color. But the rest on

Baikal rest 2015 by the savages

Warm lakes are ideal for tourists with children. Experienced vacationers are advised only to bypass the village Vydrino, the inhabitants of which are quite aggressive towards tourists with tents.</ P>

But the best place to relax on Lake BaikalSavages was and remains the island of Olkhon, where you really will be able to rest away from civilization. Parking almost anywhere on the island of Olkhon will be a good solution, and the prices in shops located in local villages will pleasantly surprise by its democracy. Add to this the mass of sunlight, almost untouched by nature and the total absence of city noise and you will understand that the island of Olkhon is just an ideal place for a savage rest.