Rest on the balkhash by savages

In Kazakhstan near the city of Balkhash there is the same nameLake, where you can come to rest by savages. This is an unusual pond, as it has fresh water on one shore (in the west), and salty in the southeast. In order to enjoy the pastime on its banks, it is worth to know where the best places for recreation with tents and fishing at Balkhash.

Where is the best holiday in Balkhash?

Despite the fact that the lake comes straight to the town of Balkhash, and it seems like you can rest on nature, without going far from civilization. But do not do this, because in those places it is very dirty.

Most often tourists with tents stop atSome distance from small settlements located on the shore of the lake: Torangalik, Chubar-Tube, Akzhaydak, Priozersk, Lepsy station. There are places like "3 palms" and "Wing", where the stop will have to be paid, but here it's relatively clean. Before choosing the final resting place, you should know in advance whether there is a cellular connection (catches not everywhere) and the possibility of replenishing drinking water, as in some of them water is imported.

On the shore of a lake with salt waterSandy beach, but it is also pebbly. The water is clean and warm, although many believe that it is cloudy, but it is not the sea. In the pond is a large number of various fish (vobla, carp, asp, pike perch, catfish, snakeheads). In order to fish, you must pay a ticket to fishing on the lake. This can be done both in Balkhash and on site. If you do not know how to fish, fresh fish can be bought from local fishermen.

To visit the lake, the inhabitants of Russia have several requirements:

  • It is necessary to register with the police if the stay is longer than 30 days;
  • To travel by car at the border, it is necessary to arrange insurance for Kazakhstan.

Going to rest by the savage on Lake Balkhash, with them it's imperative to take funds from mosquitoes and warm clothes.