The most common errors in the design of the Schengen visa

A prerequisite, in order to visitMany European countries, is the opening of the Schengen visa. The rules for obtaining it for entry into any of the states within the Schengen zone are practically the same, the difference may be the necessary minimum of funds or the provision of additional documents (for example, a military ticket).

Many tourists, in order to openSchengen visa is applied to special agencies involved in this, and in addition to all compulsory fees, the cost of their services is paid, and this is from 130 euros and above. This is because it is considered that it is very difficult to do this, because of how very carefully the consulates check documents and necessarily need dating or only an expert.

But this is not so. In order to open a Schengen visa independently you need:

  • Know the list of required documents;
  • Take into account when filing errors others.

The most common errors in the design of the Schengen visa

When submitting documents

Very often inexperienced tourists trust the flowDocuments for a visa to unreliable or untested agencies. To avoid this, it is better to contact large companies or check their competence (ask for documents confirming their capabilities).

When completing the documents:

  • Filling out a consular questionnaire in your native language, and not in the English or the language of the country in which you want to open a visa;
  • Incorrect recording of personal data;
  • Indication of incomplete information (lack of data on marital status or available property);
  • Filing a questionnaire in one copy, and not as necessary in two.

For the correct translation of documents and questionnairesIt is better to use the services of official translation offices, so you avoid grammatical and stylistic mistakes when filling out the forms in English and the language of the country.

Using Invalid Data

Most often, forged certificates of income fromPlace of work. But instead of dealing with falsification of data, it is better to agree immediately with the accounting department for the issuance of help with increased income or provide yourself with a sponsorship letter.

When collecting a package of documents:

  • Not a complete list of documents;
  • The indication of a low income or the existence of a small amount on a bank account;
  • Notarized copies of necessary documents;
  • Providing photographs that do not meet the requirements (size, limitation period, background or style of clothing).

When interviewing an embassy or consulate

It is very important to behave in an interviewRestrained, come dressed accordingly, do not say too much (for example: to say that you are just getting a visa here, in fact you are going to another country in the Schengen zone) and not to argue, but very thoroughly and convincingly argue why you need to issue a Schengen visa.

When choosing a country for the first visa

Going to open the Schengen visa for the first time,It is better to choose more loyal countries, such as Greece, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Spain, and then, having made several successful trips to these states, apply to countries such as France or Germany.

The most common mistakes in the design of the Schengen visa 2

Fear of resubmission

Very often, after refusing to open a visa,Tourists drop their hands and believe that they will never get a welcome visa to Europe. But under the new rules, the consulate must issue a document or a cover letter stating the reason for the refusal, and you, having altered the necessary document (if possible), have the full right to submit documents again.

Having become acquainted with these common mistakes in the design of the Schengen visa and taking them into account when collecting a package of documents, you will definitely get it for the first time.