Thailand visa for Russians

If you have the opportunity to your own eyesTo see the beauty of Thailand, drop everything and go on a trip. But do you need a visa to Thailand, or can you do without it, how to visit some states?

Good news 2015 - visa to Thailand forRussians are no longer needed! It is enough for a passport, and upon arrival in the country an entry stamp is placed directly at the airport. To get it you need all the same passport, an immigration card filled with traveling in English (it is brought in yet on board the airliner), and a return ticket to your homeland.

After leaving the plane while passingImmigration service, a person is photographed, and he gives one of the half-filled cards to the duty officer. The second must be kept with you before leaving the country. This whole procedure for those who are not going to stay in the Kingdom of Thailand for longer than a month, otherwise a visa will be required, you can apply for documents already on the spot.

Registration of a visa to Thailand

Those who want to stay in the country for longer, you canTo issue a visa for three and six months. This can already be done on the territory of the country (for example, leaving for neighboring Malaysia and returning back) or in advance in Moscow.

Documents for a visa to Thailand for Russians will require the following:

  1. Questionnaire to download and fill.
  2. Both passports (national and foreign) and their photocopies.
  3. Photo 40x60 mm.
  4. Document on financial independence (bank accounts).
  5. A photocopy of return tickets.
  6. Certificate of employment certified by a notary.

How much will a visa cost to Thailand? For today, this amount is 1200 rubles in recalculation for dollars, and from each member of the family for whom a visa is issued, such a fee is levied. The document, as a rule, will be ready in three days.