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The country of mountains, heather and harsh men are all Scotland. Today we are waiting for a virtual walk through one of the largest cities in Scotland, its industrial capital - the city of Glasgow.

What to see in Glasgow?

The fourth by number of inhabitants in allGreat Britain, Glasgow began its history 14 centuries ago and for a long life has accumulated many legends and attractions. Unlike other European cities, the sights of Glasgow are not limited to the city center, but are distributed to all its outskirts. And although because of this time for their examination is greatly increased, but they themselves are so interesting that the game is worth the candle. But first things first:

  1. Museums of Glasgow known not only in the vastness of Britain, but alsofar beyond its borders. The Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum has such a rich collection of historical and artistic exhibits that it will take them a week to see them. The museum building was built in the very beginning of the 20th century from the traditional red sandstone place. In the halls of the gallery you can see the works of the greatest masters of all time: Picasso and Dali, Titian and Botticelli, Rubens and Rembrandt. Young guests of the museum are waiting for interactive displays, collections of armor and weapons, skeletons of prehistoric animals.
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  3. The Barella Museum, the opening of which took three decadesback, pleases art lovers with the richest collection of works by French masters. Under the roof of this museum, the canvases of Degas and Cezanne, Delacroix and Sisley, Gericault and Manet were found.
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  5. Not far from the museum of Barella everyone can see Pollock House, which is the hereditary home of the Scottish clan Maxwell.
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  7. A ten minute walk from Glasgow Central Station is located Gallery of Modern Art, where the results of creative searches of our contemporaries are collected. For the entrance to the gallery, as in all the other museums in Glasgow, you do not have to pay.
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  9. A lot of admiring the pictures, there is nothing better than to relax in the shadow of trees in one of the city parks, and there are about 70 of them! The most notable of the parks is Glasgow - Glasgow Green, whose history began in the 15th century. The territory of the park is now an arena for historical battles, then a playground for the competition of the best Scottish bagpipers.
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  11. Cognitive and will walk along the Botanical Gardens of Glasgow, where the rarest representatives of the kingdom of Flora are gathered.
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