Rest on the White Sea

To properly relax from the city's bustle,It is not necessary to go to overseas countries. After all, on the Russian land there are many beautiful places that are definitely worth a visit. One of such picturesque places where the rest is very good is the White Sea in Karelia.

According to tourists who have already visited there, restOn the White Sea - these are unforgettable impressions of the seen beauties of Karelian nature, and especially from the quiet and calm, but at times furious water element. Local residents say that the White Sea does not have bad weather, but there are people who are not properly dressed. You can visit this picturesque region at any time of the year, but, naturally, in the summer it will be more comfortable, especially if a trip with children is planned.

Where to stay while relaxing on the White Sea in the summer?

Tourists who do not like extreme, but prefer a measured life in the bosom of nature, have chosen a coast for themselves, where cottages and mini-hotels are located. Some of them, such as, for example, Camp site "Lopsky Bereg", Located at the very edge of the water. If you are going to the White Sea with children, this place will do the best.

Rest on the White Sea 1

Rest on the White Sea 2

Like tourists and in Hotel "Velt"Located on the beautiful shore of Lake SredneKuytto. It offers an unrivaled view of the island called Ukhtinsky. And the infrastructure of the hotel will please the sauna, cafe-bar, souvenir shops.

Two-storey and one-story strong buildingsWith a capacity of 20 to 40 places hospitably open their doors to single tourists and couples with children. The daily cost of living in such a mini-hotel with all amenities is about 1500 rubles per person.

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You can stay in Eco-hotel "Summer Golden". Here you can enjoy communication withNature and see it in its original form, and the silence of the White Sea taiga will give a feeling of peace and tranquility. However, living conditions are quite comfortable, despite the remoteness of the hotel from civilization.

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What to see on the White Sea?

In this unforgettable Karelian region, adultsTourists can go in for sea fishing and hunting for birds. If you go on vacation with children, then right on the shore of the White Sea, you can rent a fun or motor boat on which to make water excursions to the fjords.

On the shore near the coastal stripForest begins in which the northern berries are apparently invisible - cranberries, cloudberries, blueberries. And since this maritime region, here you can enjoy freshly caught starfish, mussels and other inhabitants of the underwater depths.

Summer vacation in the White Sea will be rememberedUnforgettable white nights, which are here from late June to September. Both kids and adults will be pleased to admire the marine life: beluga, seal, seals, walruses and a rich variety of birds.