Lake Karachi rest is a savage

In the west of the Novosibirsk region, which is famousEcologically clean zones, the Karachi Lake is located fifteen kilometers from the regional center of Chany. Now - this is the largest resort of federal significance, a kind of Siberian health resort, which has been operating since 1880. Thousands of inhabitants of Siberia rush here to rest their bodies and soul, improve their health, enjoy fishing. There is a small recreation center and a sanatorium. But many people who are tired of the city's fuss and comfort, want to spend time on the beach, not in comfortable rooms, but in tents. For some, it is a way to approach nature, find inner balance, for others - a path that allows you to test your abilities, the third in such a manner save money. So, it's about how to relax on the Karachi Lake.

Rest on the Karachi Lake

The pond is a salt lake, lengthWhich is 2500 m, and width - 1450 m. Located on the vast expanses of the Barabinsk forest-steppe, Karachi attracts a lot of tourists all year round thanks to its medicinal brine, mineral and iodine-bromine water, as well as therapeutic sulphide mud mud, which are widely used in medicine and cosmetic procedures .

The shores of the lake are uneven: Western and eastern, covered with meadow grass, lowland, from them there are convenient descents into the water. The northern shore, planted with a fruit garden and shrubs, is on a small hill. From the high terrace-like southern shore, gentle birches can be seen.

It is worth mentioning fishing on the lake of Karachi. For a short time you can catch a few dozen crayfish and carp. Many arriving here prefer to stay in rooms in the village of Novoyarkul, in the houses of the hostel or the number of sanatoriums "Siberian health resort" and "Lake Karachi", which, by the way, work all year round. However, there are many who prefer a rest on the Karachi lake with a tent.

Lake Karachi - resting savage

By the way, wishing to spend a weekend likeA lot. In warm (and not very) weather, residents of practically the entire Novosibirsk region are selected here on their own cars. Many of them do not spend extra money for comfort, but spend the night in tents.

The best beaches with a comfortable descent and minimalThickets of reeds are located on the north-eastern side of the coast, where there is a small isthmus between the lakes of Karachi and Yarkul. Recently, the entrance to this territory is blocked by a barrier. Therefore, to get there, you have to pay. It is reported that the fee is charged for cleaning the territory. But there are wooden toilets and showers for flushing out the curative mud. Those who do not want to go far from civilization, can put the tent in a specially designated place of the camping base, naturally, also not gratuitously.

To visit a less lively place by the lakeKarachi, Novosibirsk, you can from the sanatorium, from which leads the road to a small forest. Quite quietly on the opposite shore from the sanatorium, but there can be prevented the descent into the water thickets of reeds. There are no showers and a toilet there, but excellent fishing.

How do I get to Lake Karachi?

Optimal access to the resort by flyingTo Omsk or Novosibirsk. If you are interested in how to get to Lake Karachi from Novosibirsk, then by car, take the Baikal (M-51) and turn on the "Lake Karachi" sign. Both cities can be reached by train to the station "Lake Karachinskoe", which belongs to the West Siberian Railway. From there, directly to the resort (1, 5 km) go by bus or hire a taxi.

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