Nugush rest savage

Earlier in Bashkiria for a savage rest on the lakeNugush came a large number of tourists from all over Russia and neighboring countries. After all, the water body created on the river of the same name is famous for its clean water, excellent fishing, beautiful landscapes of the surrounding mountains and relic forests that make the air particularly useful. This is a real paradise for relaxing alone with nature.

Despite the fact that in recent years on the shores of the lake there have been comfortable recreation centers and children's camps, in 2015 there is still the opportunity to go on vacation by savages to Nugush.

Features of a tent holiday on Nugush

On the banks of the Nugush, with every passing year less and lessThere are places for rest with tents, as recreation centers are being built in the most convenient places, but while they are still there, for example Privolnaya Polyana. In order to get to the most remote places, it is worth to hire a motor boat.

Choosing a parking space, you can fullyRest: swim in the purest water, fish (bream, scum and even grayling), and then cook them at the stake. So that your rest does not spoil anything, you should take with you warm clothes for the evening, sunscreen kerma and insect repellent, and also stock up on firewood, water and necessary products.

Wild beach holidays in Nugush can be combined withSightseeing of this region and active sports. Especially popular among tourists are excursions by boat or motor boats to the mouth of the river Uryuk. There you can see the caste bridge, walk up to the tract of the Beautiful glade and the cascading waterfall of the Cooper.

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Fans of extreme recreation have the opportunity to raft on a raft or kayak along the rapids of the rivers Nugush or Uryuk.

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Rest on Nugush with children

Completely rest with savages with children is very difficultAnd it is not safe. In case you want to live on the bank of the Nugush in the tent, you can place it on the territory of the recreation center. Like and live in nature, but you can eat in the dining room, use the toilet and showers, relax on the beach and visit the playground, and you will always have access to clean drinking water and the opportunity to see a doctor. There is such an inexpensive accommodation, about 200-300 rubles per tent per day.

Arriving to relax on Nugush savage, do not forget that this is a wild place in which there are various animals, so do not go far into the forest without accompanying.

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