lake bitter Kurgan area rest savage

You can rest not only on the seas. For this, almost any pond is suitable, and if it also heals, then from such pastime there is a double benefit.

This is why Lake Gorkoe, located in the Kurgan region, has been used to rest people who have various diseases of the skin and the musculoskeletal system.

The healing properties of Lake Gorkoe in the Kurgan region

Many people know about the healing properties of mineral mud of saline lakes and fresh silt. And the mud, which are located on the bottom of Gorkoe Lake, have their useful qualities at the same time:

  • contain hydrogen sulphide and many minerals;
  • have a high percentage of organic substances;
  • Has a high moisture capacity.

In addition, to achieve a good effect in treatmentEven the most neglected diseases, high alkalinity of water helps. It is also called brine, since it tastes very salty and bitter, for which the pond was given such a name. Also, this composition of water determines that there are no gypsum particles in the silt.

In order not to harm yourself, you should know that the black healing silt mud can be applied to the skin for only 10-15 minutes, and then it must be washed off in the lake water.

How to get to Lake Gorkoe?

Recreation by the savage is very strongly developed on the lakeBitter in the Kurgan region, as there are only 2 institutions that are engaged in resort and sanatorium treatment, one of which accepts only children with cerebral palsy. The only thing is to correctly route and choose transport, as the roads here are mostly not asphalted and on low cars it will be very difficult to get there.

Experienced vacationers in these places I advise to get to the lake Gorkoe for rest through Shchuchye (the district center in the Kurgan region), then go to the village of Sukhoborskoe, and from there

Bitter lake

Already in the village of Tikhonovka, standing right on the beachreservoir. This way is not the shortest, but more even. If your car allows you to travel off-road, then you can go through Kasayan or Pivkino.</ P>

In search of a parking lot, you should goto the left, there is a "naked beach", where most of the visitors stay, as here most of the curative mud, or ride further into the pine forest. There is not so hot, but you have to go to the beach to be soaked.

Rest on Lake Goloy is in the event thatYou want to cure your problems with the skin or joints. In another case, you are unlikely to like it there, since there is a corresponding smell, a lot of insects and you can not fish.