Rest in anapa savage

Almost every meter in Anapa is a guest house orhotel. It is not surprising that a vacation by savages in 2015 will be something like a challenge, because the temptation to find affordable and comfortable housing in Anapa is. But if you still prefer the tents, then part of the coast is at your service.

Rest in Anapa by savages 2015

What is good about resting with your tent, so it'sThe opportunity to experience all the delights of wild rest in Anapa, but combine them with excursions or entertainment. Usually lovers of recreation savages with children choose the area in Anapa near the village of Sukko, because there are real juniper groves, useful for the respiratory system. There is also a horse base, so an interesting pastime is guaranteed.

Another part of lovers of recreation savage prefers the village Vityazevo In Anapa. The peculiarity of this village is its unique atmosphere and the people themselves. The fact is that almost all residents there are Greeks, therefore, the architecture with the character is natural.

Rest in tents is good for divers of Anapa. In the village The Annunciation There is a real tent city. Many people go there for a savage rest by car in search of exciting spectacles in Anapa. And there they are really waiting: the bottom is strewn with different artifacts of several eras, coins and remains of ships magnet pull divers.

Rest in tents is associated with fishing in Anapa shrimp, mussels and rapans. Catch them best on holiday in the area The Great Utrish. There are also diving clubs. It is in this place in Anapa that you will remember the rest of the savage by evening gatherings at the fire with clams, and there almost every place is associated with legends. So you can always choose an absolutely secluded holiday with your tent or romance of the tent camp, but with any choice, that very wild taste of rest will be present.