Beaches of Vietnam

On the Indochina Peninsula is an unusualA country that has attracted tourists from all over the world for more than a decade - Vietnam. Due to the fact that it is washed by the waters of the South China Sea, the Gulf of Thailand and the Baybo, the length of the coastline of Vietnam is more than three thousand kilometers. Despite this, there are not so many beaches in the country. And worthy and quite a bit. And so that your vacation does not end with a series of unpleasant surprises, we'll tell you where the best beaches in Vietnam are.

In general, most of them in Vietnam are beaches withWhite sand, but there are also yellow and sandy beaches, and pebble is very small. Speaking of descent into the water, in most cases it is quite comfortable - gently sloping, suitable for families with children, or medium steepness.

In general, it can not be said with certainty thatThe infrastructure near the beautiful beaches of Vietnam is developed first class. But the rest is much cheaper, and the main entertainment for tourists will be an examination of the exotic beauty of the country's nature.

Best beaches of Vietnam

  1. Beaches in Ha Long Bay. It's probably one of the most beautiful beachesVietnam, which impresses with its unique landscapes, as if descended from fantastic films. Vacationers are provided with boat rides to inspect grottoes and caves, a large number of stone islands protruding from the water. However, the special purity of water on the beach can not boast.
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  3. Nachyang Beach. The most touched civilization isNamely Nachyang beach, one of the main resorts of the country. Clean beach, for diving, climbing conditions, excellent service - all this is here. In addition, thanks to the unique underwater world, which includes about 350 species of coral and fish, Nachyang can be called the diving center in the country. If you are considering which beach to choose in Vietnam for an active nightlife, without a doubt order a tour here.
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  5. Da Nang Beach. Frustration is not waiting for you and on the beach of Danang. Here you can spend your holidays enjoying a variety of entertainment. By the way, the beaches here stretched almost 20 km. In Danang is well-developed infrastructure, the rest will like the soul as an aspiring to solitude and peace, and fans of parties.
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  7. Muine Beach. Not far from the tourist town of Phan ThietIs the beach of Mui Ne. This is probably one of the most white beaches in Vietnam. It is noteworthy that the place was chosen by windsurfers and kitesurfers, therefore in windy weather one can see a large number of kites over the sea.
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  9. Vung Tau Beach. This beach is considered very popular, the whole winterAnd a lot of people have a rest here in the spring, so everything is full. And this is despite the fact that it does not belong to the cleanest beaches in Vietnam, since there are drilling platforms nearby, and the water in the sea is cloudy because of the nearby delta. But in Vung Tau the infrastructure is well developed, fascinating historical excursions are provided, it is possible to relax in water parks or spa-salons.
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  11. Beaches of Phu Quoc Island. For a complete rest from the city bustleWe recommend to choose a tour to the island of Fukuok. Virgin nature, unspoilt beaches, palm groves, approaching almost to the water, a variety of marine flora and fauna, delicious cuisine, pleasant entertainment, close to nature (fishing, rock climbing, walking around the island) - all this awaits you on the island. There are completely uninhabited places here, which means complete seclusion is possible. An important drawback is the lack of good roads. But you forget about it when you watch the beauty of local sunsets and sunrises.
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