holiday at sea in September

Our life is full of unforeseen circumstances. If it happens that in the summer you will not be able to spend such a long-awaited vacation by the sea, do not be discouraged. Despite the fact that the hot and cheerful summer months are over, it does not mean that the beach vacation is over.

Ahead is an excellent, soft and calm "velvet"Season, which falls in September-month. This time has its advantages: warm weather instead of suffocating heat, fewer tourists on the beach, lower prices. True, on some coasts the rainy season begins, and the sea becomes cool. So, in order to make the holiday unforgettable, we will tell you about the peculiarities of the seaside holiday in September.

Rest in September in Russia

Vacation in September on the Black Sea coast isgreat idea! The weather on the Black Sea in September is quite comfortable: the air is slightly cooler than in the summer (24-26 degrees), but the water is still warm (especially the first weeks of the month). The simplest variant of the trip is to visit the Russian resorts of the Krasnodar Territory and the North Caucasus (Sochi, Anapa, Tuapse, Gelendzhik, etc.). By the way, the temperature of the Black Sea in September often reaches a comfortable value of 20-22 degrees, which means that it is suitable for swimming. The sea is also warm in the Crimea in September. It heats up to 22 degrees, however, the nights can be a little cold, so it's okay to take warm things.

Another direction - the Sea of ​​Azov - also pleases with good weather conditions in early autumn. The temperature of its water reaches 20-21 degrees, and the air in the daytime - 24-26 degrees.

Holiday at sea in September abroad

In September, ourCompatriots in one of the most popular areas of domestic tourism - in Turkey. In September, the peak of the season occurs in the country, when the water of the Mediterranean Sea warms up to 26 degrees. The same situation prevails in the resorts of Tunisia and Cyprus, where the water temperature reaches a mark of 25 degrees. If you want to spend your holiday on the European resorts of the Mediterranean coast, then plan it for the first ten days of the month. The fact is that a holiday at sea in late September in Italy, Spain, France can be spoiled by torrential rains. But at the beginning of the month the temperature of the water in the resorts of these countries barely reaches 22 degrees.

Good weather conditions in Septemberare installed on the beaches of Greek resorts. However, because of the increasing winds, the air temperature in the "velvet season" is slightly reduced - to 25 degrees. The water temperature of the Aegean Sea in September is quite acceptable for swimming (22-23 degrees).

High season in September reigns on the coastRed Sea in Egypt. But there is one advantage - holidaymakers are no longer so tormented by the exhausting heat, as the air temperature in the daytime on average warms to 32 degrees. But sea water as fresh milk - its temperature reaches 28 degrees.

Hot weather in September is also preserved on the coast of the Dead Sea (Israel). Daytime temperature in early autumn

The Aegean Sea in September

Reaches a mark on the thermometer scale at 36-37 degrees, and at night at 27 degrees. The water of the healing sea-lake is very warm - 30-32 degrees.</ P>

Rest in September on the Black Sea is not bad, andabroad. Good conditions for beach holidays in the velvet season are offered by the resorts of Bulgaria, where the air during the day often warms up to 24 degrees and even up to 28 degrees, and the water in the sea - up to 22 degrees.

In search of an exotic holiday at sea in SeptemberPay attention to such distant resorts of the South China Sea (Hainan Island in China), the Yellow Sea (Qingdao, Dalian in China), the Andaman Sea (Pattaya, Phuket in Thailand).