History of the holiday Family day

The history of the holiday The family day begins 20September 1993, when his date was determined at the UN. The reason for creating a new holiday was not only the desire to celebrate happy moments with relatives, but first of all to draw public attention to the needs of modern families. The UN Secretary-General stressed that if the rights of even one family are violated in society, it is displayed on all world relations.

The family is a reflection of society, it changestogether with the outside world. Therefore, if there are any difficulties in the social system, their consequences can be easily seen on the trends of development of family relations.

Problems of modern families

Today it became not fashionable to get married early, everythingmore people prefer to limit themselves to the upbringing of one child, and at the first difficulties in the relationship, the couple, instead of trying to keep the marriage, hastens to dissolve it. These tendencies are based only on the personal relationship of each person to the family and its values, they can be influenced by studying all the foundations of family happiness and well-being. It is for this purpose that the celebration of Family Day includes numerous seminars and meetings in which modern ways of family life are discussed and ways out of difficult situations are indicated.

Family Day Traditions

All over the world, May 15,the main purpose of which is to overcome the difficulties facing the happy development of family relations. Such events include various seminars, trainings, meetings with successful married couples, lectures, charitable events and concerts.

The history of the family day is still short, so specialtraditions, tested by time, has not yet developed. But this holiday is a wonderful way to spend a day in the circle of native people, go to the park with their children, visit their parents, meet with brothers and sisters, in general, do everything that usually does not have enough time in the crazy rhythm of life.

celebration of the family day

However, it was for this purpose that a holiday was created: to unite the family, to recall what the real, age-old values ​​of kinship are. </ P>

On the day of the family, the number of activities related toholiday, is increasing every year. Now it is celebrated not only in lecture halls and conference rooms, but also in entertainment centers, parks and cafes, special entertainments and events are prepared to have fun with the whole family.

Family Day is a holiday that reminds each of us that the most important thing in life is our loved ones, and for them first of all there must be time.