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Every year around the globe is celebratedInternational Olympic Day on June 23 in honor of the re-creation of the championship in its present form. The number of the celebration was determined in 1968 in St. Moritz (Switzerland) at the meeting of the Interethnic Olympic Committee.

Resolution on the celebration of the International DayThe Olympic Games was adopted with the aim of promoting sports around the world. What event is associated with the date, which is the official international Olympic day

In June 1894 in Paris, a conference was held on the problems of sport development, in which twelve states took part. On the 23rd the French enthusiast Pierre de Coubertin made a report with the report. The activist presented to the public the plan he had developed for the start of the Olympic movement and proposed the resumption of the ancient Greek competitions, so that every four years he would hold a sports day with the invitation to participate in it any nationalities. He also outlined the creation of an international committee that would monitor the organization of the competition.

Congress encouraged the proposal of the Frenchman, heheaded the IOC and already in 1896 in the ancestor of the competitions of Greece took place the I Olympic Games. During this period, 30 (1896-2012) Olympiads were organized and three times (1916, 1940, 1944), they became impossible due to military conflicts.

That's why the International Olympic Dayis celebrated on June 23 in memory of the fateful report for the competition. This date was forever immortalized in 1948 at the IOC meeting. Since then, this day is celebrated in all countries of the world.

In June, when the internationalOlympic day, in order to focus on sports, numerous races are organized for different distances, in which many people take part, competitions and sports championships are held. Popular are the marathon races for ten kilometers distance. They are organized by national Olympic committees in each state. The number of Olympic committees that organize multi-kilometer mass marathons has grown to 200 already. Their main goal is the dissemination of Olympic values ​​and ideals, the propaganda of movement and sport in general, the involvement of citizens in physical education, and a healthy lifestyle.

Olympics - a holiday of sports

In 1913, on the initiative of Coubertin, the Olympicthe movement received its own symbol and flag. Emblem - five woven rings of different colors: blue, black, red (in the upper line) and yellow and green (in the bottom line). They denote the five combined in the activities of the continents. The flag of the Games is a white cloth with Olympic rings.

For more than a century of the history of the Games,a certain colorful ceremony of their conduct. The Olympic flame lights up in the Greek Olympia and is brought by the torch relay of the participants to the venue of the competition. The well-known power athlete pronounces

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oath on behalf of all participants and judges. Touching the awarding of medals to the winners and prize-winners, raising the state banner and sounding the national anthem in honor of the champions can not leave indifferent any inhabitant of the planet.</ P>

Nowadays the Olympic Games and their winnersbecame the pride of any country. All the most famous athletes believe their own career is insufficient without an Olympic medal. The sports movement is called upon to raise the younger generation in the spirit of a healthy way of life, universal understanding. Olympics contribute to the achievement of conflict-free life on the planet, they have become the largest sporting holiday of our time.