Blue color in the interior

In interior design among many aestheticFactors, one of the main places is color. Scientists have established the fact that it affects not only the mood of a person, but also his life activity. It is believed that the blue is the color of the sky, a symbol of nobility and freedom, it symbolizes well-being and peace. The blue color in the interior of the rooms is used to create a feeling of coolness, purity and lightness. Usually used in the design of bedrooms, children's and bathrooms.

The combination of blue in the interior

It has a lot of different shades: Azure, turquoise, cornflower blue, sky blue and many others. To the interior of the room in blue does not look too cold, it is recommended to use a combination of blue with warm colors (sand, yellow, light brown, coffee with milk). Classic is a combination of blue with white and beige shades.

For large rooms it is better to use light colors. A small room can be visually made more spacious and higher, painting the ceiling in a light blue tone.

As the main, this color is well suited for living rooms. In combination with gray tones, the room will seem quite cold and strict, but at the same time, calm and elegant.

Using the blue color in the interior of the bedroom, betterPick up neutral shades, bright colors of it is better to avoid. It is not necessary to apply also dark blue, they narrow space, and, according to psychologists, oppress marital relations. Light shades of this color, help to make the room of the blue bedroom airy, and visually expands the boundaries of space. Relatively, freshly and romantically, there will be a combination of blue and pink colors.

For the interior of the kitchen in blue, it is better to choose pale blue shades. For appetizing, blue tones combine well with coral, yellow, orange and white colors.

In a word, the blue color in the interior can become very appropriate in any room, the main thing is to observe harmony and sense of proportion.

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