Sights of the city of london

London is a city with a very rich history. Of course, there is something to see. The historical sights of London, no less impressive modern interesting places - they all create a special atmosphere of the city, and most are open to visits.

What sights are there in London?

Of course, London can be walked not one day andnever get bored. But if you have only a week or less, it is better to start with the main and most interesting sights of London:

  1. One of the main attractions of the capital of Great Britain is Big Ben. The name belongs to the bell itself, whichis on the clock, but it is often used to refer to the clock and the entire clock tower. Big Ben is one of the most recognizable sights of London. There is a tower in the northern part of the Palace of Westminster and is part of this architectural complex. This watch with four dials is one of the largest in the world, and the tower itself is the third in the world in height.
  2. Attractions in London, of course, include and Buckingham Palace. Originally the palace belonged to the dukeBuckingham, but he liked King George III so much that he was redeemed and transformed. Later, under Queen Victoria, the castle officially became the residence of British rulers. Today it is the largest palace. The description of this landmark of London will delight every tourist: gardens that occupy about 17 hectares, lakes with flamingos on the banks. They even have their own police, mail and cinema. When the queen is in the residence, the flag is raised and notifies the district about it. But in the absence of Her Majesty, twelve rooms are on display for tourists. These include the Throne, Ballroom and Banquet Hall, in addition, you can visit the Art Gallery and the Music Room. The period when you can visit the palace, lasts from July 28 to September 25.
  3. Madame Tussauds museum. This museum of wax figures has manyBranches in the largest and most famous cities in the world. The museum was founded in 1835. Maria Tussaud presented the first creations to the world in 1777. The first was a wax sculpture of Voltaire, subsequent creations were made with posthumous masks of the French Revolution. A very effective and popular part of the museum is the Cabinet of Horrors. The exhibition included figures of victims of the French Revolution, sculptures of murderers and crimes. Over time, the exhibition was replenished with sculptures of celebrities of different spheres of life.
  4. Tower of London. The fortress on the banks of the Thames is a historicalThe center of the city. For a long time it was the residence of monarchs, in addition, the Tower was used as a prison. Among the prisoners of the fortress were the kings of Scotland and France, aristocrats and priests.
  5. Sherlock Holmes Museum. The house-museum of the legendary character is worth your attention. When Sir Arthur Conan Doyle wrote his thrilling adventures, the addresses to

    historical sights of london

    which was inhabited by a world-famous detective, notexisted. When creating the museum, the house was given a special number, which is knocked out of the street numbering. The house is fully reproduced the situation described in the book.
  6. A few more words about museums. Consider what attractions for connoisseurs of art are in London. AT National Art Gallery 2000 paintings-samples of painting are presentedXIII-early XX century. The gallery was founded thanks to George IV. It was he who demanded from the government to purchase 38 paintings, which was the beginning of the creation of a unique exhibition.