unusual museums of the world

Do you think that museums are boring and completelynot interested? The solemn procession from the audience to the hall under the beautiful speeches of the guide is not for every child (and adult). But who said that going to the museum can not be an exciting and exciting adventure? We offer you a short tour of the most unusual museums in the world.

Museum of unusual things

Quite rightly, many visitors considerits most unusual museum. If the gray routine and daily routine to nausea tired - you here. As early as 1933, Robert L. Rippi decided to create a collection of extraordinary and unique things. In search of artifacts, he traveled almost the whole world. When he presented the exhibition in Chicago, she gained incredible popularity. Over time, the collection began to replenish. Today the museum of unusual things has branches in London, San Francisco and even Hollywood can boast such an exhibition. There you can contemplate the Rolls-Royce, created from matches, or Mini Cooper, completely strewn with Swarovski rhinestones. How do you like a hat with a wedding dress made of toilet paper?

Unusual museums in Paris

In this city there are unusual museums of the world,which will interest you no less than the Louvre. One of the strangest is the sewage museum, which is an underground tunnel. The museum of glasses and lorgnettes presents a collection of all kinds of optical instruments from around the world. And in the museum of smoking you can see all kinds of smoking appliances of different countries of the world and different periods.

Unusual museums in Germany

The most popular among tourists is the museumeroticism in Berlin. The most interesting thing is that its creator is a lady of very respectable age. To your attention is presented about five thousand exhibits, devoted to all spheres of an intimate life of the person. For a family trip, the best lie museum. In ten rooms you can see the flying carpets, the ear of Van Gogh and even hear on the radio the screams of Titanic passengers. The museum is simply saturated with mysticism and it's hard not to believe what is happening there.

Unusual museums in Russia

To see the unusual museums of the world, one must havethe ability to travel. But there is no cause for grief. Almost certainly you did not know how many interesting exhibitions you can visit in Russia.

Did you know that there is a museum in the city of Luhovnicaa cucumber? They will not just show you and tell you everything you need and do not need to know about this vegetable, but they will also dance and sing about it. Maybe you will not receive a serious cognitive program, but the sea of ​​positive emotions is for sure. In the Tver region there is an air museum. According to the statements of enthusiasts from the region, who in their village of Vasil'evo preserve their history with all their might, the bottles contain a special air. In one cone, the air that Pushkin breathed, but in the other is the wind from the corn fields of Khrushchev.

For fans of thrills in Russia there are unusual and slightly eerie museums. A perfect adventure will be a trip to

museum of unusual things

Tambov. Any museum of torture or evil spills against the background of the institution, which was organized by a pathologist from Tambov. The Museum of Sin will impress you 100%. The creator collected the exhibits for 30 years. There are parts of the body of people they have lost as punishment for their sins. For example, the finger of a lover, unsuccessfully jumping out of the window on the arrival of the spouse. In other words, such a museum for people of nervous, and especially children - not the best place.</ P>

Among unusual museums for children is worth notinghouse of fairytales "Once Upon a Time". For your children, more than 20 different excursions to different folk tales are presented. In Moscow there is even a separate museum of Baron Munchausen. In St. Petersburg, be sure to visit the museum of microminiature "Russian Lefty".