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Veshnyaki, Vladychino and Kuskovo - historicalthe area of ​​the eastern administrative district of Moscow. Here is one of the most popular places of pilgrimage for Moscow tourists - the Sheremetyevs' estate in Kuskovo.

History of the estate

Museum-Estate Kuskovo was built in the XVII century, andbelonged to Sheremetyev. Initially, the estate was presented to the family for the courage and victory of Field Marshal Sheremetyev in the battle against Sweden. Under Count Petr Borisovich, the manor turned into a real palace: a garden was planted there and new buildings of the ensemble were built. After the revolution of 1917, the estate avoided the fate of most of the noble nests - its territory was declared a reserve and housed a museum of porcelain. Nowadays concerts of classical music and exhibitions are held here regularly. There is a museum of ceramics, an art gallery, an Italian house, a mirror hall.

The place where the Kuskovo manor is located looks especially picturesque in the summer: the greenery of parks, small ponds and mirror lakes. The manor itself stands on the shore of the reservoir.

How to get to the Estate of Kuskovo: it is possible to get from the metro station Vykhino by bus number 620. From Bus Entuziastov there is a bus № 133, 157M minibus. From the metro station Ryazan Avenue there are buses Nos. 133 and 208.

Big house

A large house is called a palace designedfor the reception of guests. The house has two floors, built in the architecture of Russian classicism. You can go through the museum-estate in a circle, moving from one room to another. This layout is very convenient for conducting excursions: it is simply impossible to miss anything.

Guests can bypass the house and see the interior as it was in the days of Count Sheremetyev.

In one of the rooms on the table under the glass is a mosaic reproduction of the whole territory of Kuskovo. At first glance it seems that under the glass is not a mosaic, but a drawing, so skillfully done the work.

It is impossible to ignore the collection of paintingsgraph. They say that Sheremetiev personally selected pictures for his gallery. In one of the rooms paintings of XVI-XVIII centuries of French and Italian artists are collected. The portrait gallery contains 113 paintings.

Italy and Holland on the same land

There are two houses in the park, bearing the name according to the main architectural theme of the solution.

The first house appeared in a laconicstyle of Dutch construction. The interior decoration of the premises corresponded to the Dutch style. Despite the fact that this house was just an imitation of the Dutch building, it was used by the count's family as a full-fledged dwelling.

The Italian house in Kuskovo Manor appeared after 5 years. He was given the role of a palace for small receptions.

Resettlement of the museum

In 1938 a museum of ceramics was transferred to Kuskovo. Since this year the museum has received a prefix to its name and became known as the State Museum of Ceramics and the Estate of Kuskovo. In Russia, this is the only museum of ceramics, so the exhibits exhibited in

Sheremetyev's estate in kuskovo

manor, are really unique. In addition, the Kuskovo Museum of Ceramics and Glass is considered one of the largest in the world. </ P> Revival of traditions

The Kuskovo Manor in Moscow offers not only excursions and visits to museums. Today, they organize weddings, hold festivities and organize receptions in accordance with ancient traditions.

In the summer you can see the newlyweds, with the help ofProfessional photographers fix the first steps of the new family. However, there are no photo sessions inside the premises: shooting inside the palace and the ensemble buildings is prohibited.