The most-most museums in the world

The main thing that any traveler wants to get- this is an impression, which is why tourist routes always include visits to museums. The best museums in the world become points of attraction and attract thousands of unique exhibits to their halls. The most-most museums in the world annually admit millions of curious visitors to their walls. We will not be the top museums in the world and give them seats on the pedestal, as they all deserve to be the first, just call the most famous museums in the world.

Louvre (Paris, France)

The largest museum in the world Louvre demonstratesmore than 400 thousand exhibits on 160 thousand square meters. Previously, the building functioned as a royal palace, and from 1793 it became a museum. Connoisseurs say that there will not be enough weeks to consider all the divisions of the Louvre, so if the excursion is a little time, it's better to go straight to the masterpieces designated by pointers, for example, to the famous Mona Lisa da Vinci and to the sculpture of Venus de Milo.

The most-most museums in the world1

National Museum of Natural History (Washington, USA)

This museum, which is part of the SmithsonianInstitute, to its century deserved a place in the list of the most popular museums in the world, since it is the most visited after the Louvre. His collection, including skeletons of dinosaurs, precious minerals, historical artifacts and much more, has more than 125 million exhibits and is continuously replenished.

The most-most museums in the world2

Museums of the Vatican (Vatican City, Italy)

A vast complex of 19 museumsLarge museums in the world in terms of the number of exhibits per unit area. Works of art are collected here for more than five centuries. Most tourists tend to first of all get to the famous Sistine chapel, but the peculiarity of the structure of the museum is that first it is necessary to overcome many other halls.

The most-most museums in the world3

British Museum (London, UK)

The history of the British Museum began with the collectionSir Hans Sloan, whom he sold to the nation for a lot of money. Thus, in 1753 the British Museum was founded, which became the first national museum in the world. This landmark, one of the great museums in the world, is also called the Museum of Stolen Masterpieces, and there is an explanation for this - for example, the Rosetta Stone was selected from Napoleon's army in Egypt, and the Parthenon sculptures were cunningly exported from Greece.

The most-most museums in the world4

The Hermitage (St. Petersburg, Russia)

Famous museums of the world include in their compositionthe largest art and cultural-historical Russian museum - the State Hermitage. It all started with the collection of Empress Catherine II, and the official date of foundation is called 1764, when an impressive collection of Western European painting was acquired. Today the whole exposition is located in five buildings of the complex, the most popular of which is the Winter Palace.

The most-most museums in the world5

The Metropolitan Museum of Art (New York, USA)

Great museums of the world are inconceivable without a New Yorkthe Metropolitan Museum of Art. It is a world treasure that tells everything and everything - in addition to American art, in the Underground you can see artifacts from around the world from ancient to modern. There is also a hall with clothes worn by people from all continents over the last seven centuries, an exhibition of musical instruments, a department of weapons and armor, and much more.

The most-most museums in the world6

The Prado Museum (Madrid, Spain)

The Prado Museum of Fine Arts recognizesextremely significant, since it contains a lot of masterpieces of painting and sculpture. In general, the collection is small - in comparison with previous museums, there are only 8000 exhibits, the feature is that most of them are world-famous. It is in the Prado Museum that you can see the most complete collections of such artists as El Greco, Velasquez, Murillo, Bosch, Goya.

The most-most museums in the world7

In addition to the most famous museums, many tourists are interested in visiting unusual museums of the world. So do not deny yourself and in this pleasure. Enjoy your travels!