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The creative heritage of the famous Spanishartist Pablo Picasso is mainly located in four world museums - in Paris, Antibes (France), Malaga (Spain) and Barcelona. Admirers of art can visit the Picasso Museum in Barcelona.

History of the creation of the Picasso Museum in Spain

Museum in the mansion of Berenguer D'Aguilar was openedduring the life of a brilliant artist in 1963 on the initiative and with the active participation of the former secretary of Picasso - Haume Sabartes and Gual - a friend of the famous Spaniard. Initially, the exhibition was the work of Picasso, part of the collection of Sabartes. The author himself donated to the gallery 2450 of his drawings, canvases. In the future, the collection of the museum was greatly enlarged by the widow of Picasso - Jacqueline, having presented several hundred of his works.

For fifty years, the Pablo Picasso Museum in Barcelonahas expanded significantly and now occupies five Barcelona mansions, and the museum fund has 3,800 exhibits. This is about 1/5 of the work done by a genius. Currently, the museum is the most visited art gallery in Barcelona and takes in a year up to 1 million visitors who want to see the most significant collection of the artist's works in the world.

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The building of the Pablo Picasso Museum

The main building of the museum is a mansion in the GothicStyle Berenguer D'Aguilar built more than five hundred years ago. Attached later to the museum aristocratic mansions were built between the 12th and 14th centuries. All of them have patios, numerous staircases, balconies, long corridors and halls with vaulted ceilings. Recently, a new building joined the museum, which houses the research center of the museum. Now the museum complex occupies half a block of Barcelona.

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Collections of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona

The museum's collection includes: paintings, engravings, lithographs, book illustrations, sketches, ceramics and photographs of the artist. A feature of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona is that the works are exhibited in chronological order: from early canvases to the latest ones. According to the idea of ​​the organizers of the art gallery in this way, visitors should realize the transformation of the thinking of the great artist, to track how his famous style arose and perfected. The exposition includes a lot of works related to the early period of creativity and the "Blue Period", there are some pictures from the "Pink Period". Most of the work in the exhibition was created until the time when Pablo Picasso moved to France.

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The most valuable in the museum collection is theA series of "Meninas" (58 paintings), which represents the interpretation of the artist paintings Velazquez; works "First Communion", "Pigeons", "Knowledge and Charity", "Dancer" and "Harlequin". The last paintings appeared as a result of cooperation between Picasso and Diaghilev and his company "Russian Ballet".

On the territory of the museum in a specializedThe store sells albums, CDs, souvenirs with Picasso masterpieces. The museum's premises regularly organize exhibitions of works by other artists and events related to the work of Pablo Picasso.

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How to get to the Picasso Museum in Barcelona?

The address of the Picasso Museum in Barcelona: Montcada (Caye Montcada), 15 -23. The Arc de Triomf or Jaume metro stations are just a few minutes' walk from the museum. Work days: Tuesday - Sunday (including holidays) from 10.00. until 20.00. The ticket costs € 11 (about 470 rubles). On the first Sunday of every month and the second half of the day on all Sundays, the museum receives visitors for free. Always free admission for children under 16, as well as educators.