The tallest statue in the world

Mankind has sought to createGiant structures, including sculptural works. So the height of the legendary Colossus of Rhodes, erected by the ancient Greeks in the harbor of the city of Rhodes, was 36 meters (the height of a 12-storey building) and struck people who lived in the old days. But the famous statue is far from modern sculptures, the sizes of which are several times larger.

Which statue is the highest on Earth, andWhat sculptural works are on the list of the highest statues in the world? You will find answers in this article. It should be noted that the list includes monuments that represent the object in full growth, therefore there is no list on the list, for example, a bust image of the emperors Jan and Juan with a height of 106 meters.

Top 10 highest statues in the world

  1. In the Guinness Book of Records the sculpture "SpringBuddha ", located in the Chinese province of Henan, is introduced as the highest statue in the world and as the largest statue of the deity - the Buddha. The height of the huge sculpture along with the pedestal is 153 meters, the size of the Buddha figure is 128 meters. For the future, there are plans to increase the height of the largest statue in the world at the expense of the pedestal. The cost of the project amounted to 55 million dollars. The weight of the Buddha is about 1000 tons, and 1100 copper parts were used for its creation.
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  3. The second place is also occupied by the Buddha statue. The 130-meter statue of Laukun Sectuary is located in Myanmar, in the county of Sikain. Surprisingly, the structure was erected without the help of cranes.
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  5. In third place is also a Buddha statue - Amitabha,Located in the Japanese city of Ushiku. The total height of the majestic building is 120 meters. Inside the structure there is an elevator that lifts onto the viewing platform. The impressive size of the statue is evidenced by the fact that each finger of the Buddha has a length of 7 meters!
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  7. In the fourth position 108-meter sculpturalImage of the goddess Bodhisattva, located in China in Guangyin province. The artistic decision of the sculpture is interesting: a three-sided statue symbolizes the presence of the deity in the past, present and future, in effect, manifesting the immortality of the Buddha.
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  9. The Portuguese statue of Krisht Rey (Christ the King),Whose height is 103 meters, fully corresponds to the sculptural image of Christ in Rio de Janeiro. But the largest statue of Jesus Christ is officially considered the sculptural figure of the King of Christ in Poland. Although the height of the sculpture is 52 meters, but it is located on a small pedestal in contrast to the Portuguese statue. The scope of the hands of the God-man is fascinating - the distance between the brushes is 25 meters!
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  11. Sixth-seventh places were shared by patrioticSculptures: the stone Motherland in the Ukrainian capital Kiev and the reinforced concrete "Motherland Calls!" In Volgograd. Dimensions of majestic figures are enormous: the height of every 102 meters. The Volgograd statue is the highest statue in Russia, and the Kiev statue is in Ukraine. Both female figures are located in memorable places: the Ukrainian near the republican museum of the Great Patriotic War, and the Russian - in the historical ensemble "Heroes of the Battle of Stalingrad" on Mamayev Kurgan.
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  13. The height of Sendai Daikannon is the sculpture of the goddess Kannon in Japan, in the Tohoku area of ​​almost 100 meters.
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  15. On the honorable ninth place a monument to Peter I in Moscow. A bronze-steel monument 96 meters high was erected on an artificial peninsula within the Moscow River.
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  17. The world-famous American 93-meterThe Statue of Liberty in New York completes the top of the highest sculptural sculptures. "Lady Liberty" - a gift from the United States of France to the centennial of the American Revolution. From the crown, which can be reached by the stairs, a wide view opens up to the harbor. The pedestal is equipped with a museum of the history of the structure, to which the elevator rises.

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