One of the most visited places in Prague isCharles Bridge, connecting the two historic districts of the city: the Old Town and the Lesser Town. On it in any weather there are a lot of people and excursion groups. He is described by such adjectives as the most beautiful, the oldest and the most famous. Due to its beauty, ancient history, a lot of interesting beliefs and legends, Charles Bridge is surely included in the excursion program of Prague.

Charles Bridge in Prague1

Charles Bridge in Prague2

History of the Charles Bridge

In the 12th century, Juditin Bridge was built on this site,Bearing the name of Queen Jutta of Thuringia. Due to the development of trade and construction, over time there was a need for a more modern construction. Then in 1342 almost completely destroyed this bridge. And already on June 9, 1357, King Charles IV began the construction of a new bridge. According to legend, the date and time of the laying of the first stone of the Charles Bridge in Prague were recommended by astrologers, and they, recorded in order, are a numerical palindrome (135797531).

This bridge was part of the Royal Route,Which the future rulers of the Czech Republic went to the coronation. At one time there was a horse, then, after electrification, a tram, but from 1908 all vehicles were removed from the voyages over the bridge.

Where is Charles Bridge?

You can get to Charles Bridge and both on the tram and on the metro.

Immediately to the bridge, trams # 17 andNo. 18, exit from which you need to stop at Karlovy lázně. You can also just get to the historical part of Prague, and then go on foot. For this you need to get:

  • By tram to the stops of Staroměstská (No. 17 and 18) or Malostranská (No. 1, 8, 12, 18, 20, 22, 91);
  • On the metro (branch A) to the stations Staroměstská and Malostranská, which are located on different banks of the river.

Description of the Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge has the following dimensions: Length - 520 m, width - 9.5 m. It stands on 16 arches and is lined with blocks of sandstone. This stone bridge was originally called Prague Bridge, and from 1870 it got its present name.

From two ends of the Charles Bridge are the bridge towers:

  • Old Town - is located at the entrance to the bridge withEast. It is decorated with coats of arms and figured plastic, a kingfisher is depicted above the gate, on the second floor there are sculptures of St. Vitus, monarchs Charles IV and Wenceslas IV.
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    Charles Bridge in Prague4

  • Malostransky - two towers from the west, butBuilt at different times. The first was originally in the Romanesque style, but in the 16th century it was redone to the Renaissance style. The second (higher) tower was laid down later, in the 15th century, it is similar in style and detail to the Old Town. Somewhere in the late 14th century, a gate was erected between the western towers.

Charles Bridge in Prague5

Also the bridge is decorated with 30 single and groupSculptures of the late 17th - early 18th centuries. They are associated with a variety of beliefs. For example, touching any sculpture of the Charles Bridge and making a wish, you can expect that it will be executed. Here, desires for lovers who, standing on the bridge, will kiss will come true.

Among the sculptures can be identified:

  • A statue of Jan Nepomuk - the oldest and most famous of all. It is dedicated to the martyr, revered in the Czech Republic, who was drowned in the river on the orders of Wenceslas IV.
  • Charles Bridge in Prague6

  • "The vision of St. Luigardy "- a beautiful sculptural group, authored by M. Brown.
  • Charles Bridge in Prague7

  • "Crucifixion" - the oldest group of sculptures, which is located on the site of the cross.

Charles Bridge in Prague8

Some sculptures were replaced by modern copies, and the originals were placed in the premises of the National Museum.

Here on the bridge, walking slowly, you can admire the paintings and decorations of local artists, listen to street musicians and buy not only souvenirs, but also valuable works of art.

Charles Bridge in Prague9

Charles Bridge in Prague is truly a unique historical sight of the city, which is worth a visit and make a wish on it.