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This famous cultural landmarkthe capital of Russia is located in Kronverke Peter and Paul Fortress and is considered one of the oldest in the city. In addition, the St. Petersburg Artillery Museum is also one of the largest military museums in the world. On its territory in 17 000 m & sup2 there are 850 000 exhibits.

History of the Museum of Artillery in Porterburg

The beginning of the main collection of the museumfalls into 1703, just in the year of the founding of the so-called Northern Capital. At this time in the bastions of the fortress the first warehouse of rare weapons is gradually being built. He was the beginning of a huge meeting. Approximately in May, the fortress was laid, and by August Peter ordered to build a special room where an artillery can be stored. At that time the name of the museum was different - Zeichaus. Gradually the exhibition expanded and in 1965 it was decided to change its name to the Military History Museum.

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Since then, more and more newexhibits, the collection has expanded significantly. Today, among the exhibits, you can find a wide variety of weapons from all eras from ancient Slavic swords to modern rocket launchers. All that is in the walls of the museum, in one way or another, is connected with the military history of Russia.

Exposition of the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburg

Initially, visitors were onlyinternal exposure, but in 2002 it was decided to open another and external in the courtyard Kronwerk. When you get inside the building, on the first floor you will see the first exhibition dedicated to Russian missile technology.

In other halls of the Museum of Artillery in St. Petersburgvisitors are presented with banners and military uniforms. The documents set out the history of the creation and development of military forces, recorded exploits and the most remarkable dates from the country's military history. In addition to the documents, you can evaluate the canvases depicting the exploits of the military. Supplement the atmosphere of the museum engravings, sculptures of the most famous commanders and royal persons.

The most valuable among all exhibits of the Museumartillery in St. Petersburg consider the personal belongings of Alexander I himself, the personal weapon of Bonaparte, Alexander II. There are also real works of art of military affairs: articles with crystal and silver inlay. Be sure to pay attention to the front chariot, which was intended for the carriage of the banner, and other similar rare exhibits.

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As for the external exposition of the Museum of Artilleryand communication, it occupies about two hectares and represents a completely integral architectural and artistic complex together with the building. Among the exhibits you will see copies of rocket weapons, various other types of engineering equipment, there are even examples of equipment with nuclear munitions.

Within the walls of the Artillery Museum in St. Petersburgit will be interesting to visit not only people connected with the military case, but also ordinary citizens of the country and tourists. From time to time, various lectures and exhibitions are held there. Often the younger generation is brought here within the framework of educational programs. It is worth noting that the excursions there are really entertaining, even the youngest visited the museum with open mouth listening to the history of the guide.

If you are going to visit the Artillery MuseumPetersburg, you can do it any day, except Monday and Tuesday, and also on the last Thursday of every month. To visit external and internal expositions, tickets are purchased separately.

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