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Regional Museum of Regional Studies in Krasnoyarskis the oldest in the Far East and Siberia. In addition, this institution in Russia is also the largest. The Krasnoyarsk Museum is an educational and information center of all regional museums of Eastern Siberia. In 2002 he joined the Union of Russian Museums, and in 2008 he won the title of the winner in the contest "The Changing Museum in a Changing World". The first director of the museum, founded in 1889, was PS. Proskuryakov, and today it is headed by V.M. Yaroshevskaya. The area of ​​the exhibition halls of the museum of local lore is 3,500 square meters, and about 360,000 people visit it annually.

Museum and modernity

In 1889, when the doors of the museum were firstopen to visitors, it was located on Karatanova Street, 11 in the mansion Krutovskikh. A few years later the museum was moved to the living rooms of Starobazarnaya Square, where it is still located.

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The museum building itself is a model of architecture of styleArt Nouveau. The structure is very similar to the ancient Egyptian temples. So he saw Leonid Chernyshev, a Krasnoyarsk architect, who proposed the city authorities the project of this building. It was built in 1913 on the site, where the living rooms were located. But the completion of construction work prevented the First World War. At first the building was used as military barracks, then the hospital was located here. In 1920, the unfinished museum burned to the ground, but until 1929 it was rebuilt. And today the exhibits of the local history museum in Krasnoyarsk are in this building.

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When the Great Patriotic War began,It was necessary to curtail museum expositions, since the building was required by the Northern Sea Route Department. Only in 1987 the museum returned to its native walls. Reconstruction lasted until 2001. A storage facility was added to the museum building, and in 2013 it was brought closer to the historical appearance, decorating the facades.

Over the years, the museum's funds have significantlyenriched with artifacts. If in 1892 there were slightly more than 10 thousand, today the number of exhibits exceeds 468 thousand. Museum expositions introduce visitors to the history of the region. The main exposition is archeological, palaeontological, art and natural science subjects. Here you can see the skeleton of a mammoth, a stegosaurus, a variety of weapons, authentic documents of scientific and historical value. Here are kept the autographs of Rasputin, Napoleon. The museum collection became the basis for the creation of many cultural objects. The regional museum in Krasnoyarsk has six branches, and excursions in them are conducted in Russian, English, German and French.

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On the basis of the museum today workclubs created for the communication of like-minded people. Here you can share experiences, participate in developmental pursuits, and spend leisurely and profitably. For schoolchildren and students often held contests, quizzes, olympiads.

Schedule of work of the museum of local lore inKrasnoyarsk allows you to visit it at a time convenient for guests and members of clubs. If on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays to Sundays it is open from 10 am to 6 pm, then the hours of operation of the museum of local lore in Krasnoyarsk on Thursday are from 13.00 to 21.00, which is very convenient for those who are engaged in daytime work. The cost of the ticket for schoolchildren is 50 rubles, for adults - 100. There is a museum on Dubrovinsky Street, house 84.