Sights of Tomsk

Tomsk is located on the bank of the Tom River in the eastern part of Western Siberia. The city is one of the important educational and scientific centers of Russia.

Among the attractions of Tomsk, you canto allocate a large number of monuments of wooden and stone architecture of the XVIII-XX centuries. In addition, the city is rich in interesting museums and sculptures. Let's talk more about what to see in Tomsk, and what sights are worth a visit.

Theotokos-Alekseevsky Monastery

This monastery was founded in 1605according to one source, and in 1622, according to others. The Theotokos-Alekseevsky Monastery in Tomsk is one of the earliest Orthodox monasteries in southern Siberia.

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In 1776, the monastery was rebuiltA temple in honor of the icon of Kazan Mother of God. This building became one of the first stone buildings in Tomsk. The large bell of the temple, cast specially for its bell tower, was 300 poods of weight.

In Soviet times, the territory of the monastery wasgiven to the state. As a result, the bell tower was completely destroyed and the church was partially dismantled. Restoration works are conducted in the monastery since 1979. But it is already impossible to achieve full reconstruction of the original image.

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The History Museum of Tomsk

Tourists can interestingly and enthrallingly spend time in the numerous museums of the city of Tomsk.

This museum is located in the heart of the city inThe building was a former fire station in 1859 built. The museum of history of Tomsk was opened for visitors in 2003. The exposition of the museum is made up of items that made up the everyday life of ordinary inhabitants of the city of the XVII century. In addition to the permanent collections of the museum "Portrait of old Tomsk", "The First Century of Tomsk" and "Russian Hut XIX-XX Centuries", you can also find many interesting temporary exhibitions and expositions in the museum. In addition, the tower of the former fire station is equipped with an observation deck, which is the highest in the city. In 2006, a fireman was installed on a fire tower, which, according to tradition, should be greeted by walking past the museum building.

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Tomsk Regional Art Museum

Connoisseurs of painting will be able totime in the art museum of Tomsk, the collection of which consists of more than 9000 exhibits. The museum was opened in 1982. His exposition is made up of the exhibits of the Tomsk Museum of Local History, as well as several canvases of Western European art of the XVII-XIX centuries, ancient Russian icons, canvases and graphic works of Russian masters of the XVIII-XX centuries.

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Museum of Slavic Mythology

A unique Slavic museum inTomsk, is a private art gallery. The collection of the museum is represented by various works on the theme of Slavic mythology and history. The founder of the museum adhered to the idea of ​​helping to revive the historical Russian images in the memory of visitors.

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Museum of OAO Tomsk Beer

OAO "Tomsk Beer", the benefit of which is impossibleto overestimate, is one of the oldest enterprises of the Tomsk region. The Beer Museum of Tomsk was established in 2004 and tells about the history of the enterprise. In the museum you can find rare exhibits of the late XVIII century, such as beer mugs, labels and bottles, as well as more modern items related to home brewing. For visitors in the museum an excursion is conducted, during which you can learn how to brew beer. Tastings of new varieties of foam drink and non-alcoholic products are also conducted.

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Monument to the ruble

An interesting ruble monument, installed in Tomsk, is a huge ruble weighing 250 kg, made of wood. A wooden ruble is exactly 100 times larger than a metal original.

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