Minsk Historical Museum

The Museum of the History of the City of Minsk was founded in 1956 andrenamed the State History Museum of Belarus. In the collections of the museum there are almost 378 thousand items of history, which are divided into 48 collections.

The museum accepts all visitors in its walls,offering them excursions, presentations of publications on the topic of history, museum and pedagogical classes, themed evenings, research of museum items and much more.

The Museum of Local Lore of Minsk is located in two buildings. The main building of the museum is located on the street. K. Marx, 12.

Due to the constant replenishment of the museum's collectiontoday there is a problem of overfilling of premises, including basements. There is also a shortage of exposition space, which does not allow the development of new expositions with unclaimed museum exhibits.

Permanent exhibitions of the Museum of History of Minsk

The Historical Museum of Minsk currently has ten exhibition halls. Among them - "Ancient Belarus", "Ancient Heraldry of Belarus", "From the History of Weapons", "Old City Life".

Among the main collections of the museum are painting,sculpture, archeology, treasures, floristics, weapons, household items, photo and film documents and so on. In general, the chronology of collections covers the entire period from primitive to modern times.

In addition to permanent exhibitions, the museum holds all kinds of exhibitions on the basis of both its stock collections and international and joint exhibition projects.

Other museums in Minsk

In addition to the historical, in Minsk there are many other interesting museums:

  • National Art Museum of Belarus;
  • Art Center "Gilbel";
  • Gallery of visual arts "NOVA";
  • Gallery "Vilnius";
  • Museum of Contemporary Fine Arts;
  • Art gallery "Mastatsva";
  • Museum of Modern Belarusian Sculpture named after Bembel;
  • Museum of the History of Belarusian Cinema;
  • State Museum of the History of Theater and Music of Belarus.

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