Ikhlas mosque of Ufa

Ikhlas Mosque appeared on the map of Ufa only twoDecades ago, but during this time it has already become a real spiritual center of the entire Republic of Bashkortostan. Today we invite you to visit this amazing and very beautiful place during our virtual excursion.

Ikhlas Mosque, Ufa - history of creation

The history of the Ihlas mosque in the city of Ufa began in 1997Year. It was then that the religious organization Ikhlas received a positive response to a petition for the transfer of rights to the destroyed building of the former Luch cinema. Immediately after that, large-scale repairs began in the cinema building, and in 2001 the mosque opened its doors for believers. Today, the Ikhlas Mosque is not just a place where Muslims come to pray, it's a cultural and educational center. An immense role in its organization and further development was played by the Imam-Khatib Muhammet Gallyamov.

Mosque Ikhlas, Ufa - our days

Today the Ihlas Mosque is a full-fledgedA religious complex consisting of four stone buildings. In addition to the mosque itself, the complex includes a Muslim library, the basis of which became the religious books of its own publishing house. For those who wish, special educational courses are opened, which help to master Arabic script and comprehend the Qur'an. These courses are attended mainly by children and older people, but everyone can come here. The mosque regularly organizes meetings with Islamologists from all corners of the globe and conducts daily worship services. Those who can not attend divine services in the Ikhlas mosque personally can join them through an online broadcast, conducted daily from July 2012. In addition, the leadership of the religious center does not forget about the cultural development of Muslims, holding regular meetings with cultural and scientific figures. On the basis of the mosque groups for pilgrimage to Mecca are organized.

Mosque Ikhlas, Ufa - address

The building of the Ikhlas mosque in Ufa is located on Sochi Street, 43.

Mosque Ikhlas, Ufa - the time of prayer

Five times a day every faithful every dayThe Muslim must put all his affairs aside and turn his face to the east to spend some time in communion with God by performing a prayer. Every day, a Muslim priest calls on all faithful Muslims to pray at a strictly certain time. The prayer schedule for each day of the month can also be found on the website of the Ihlas mosque.

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