how to paint a leather jacket

Agree, each of us has things thatwe really like, despite the fact that we have been using them for several years already. Someone has a nice silk blouse, someone has a comfortable trouser suit, and someone has a favorite leather jacket. And if the cozy clothes suddenly breaks down, it's very pitiful and insulting. Let's talk today, how can I paint a leather jacket and give her a second life.

Where is it better to paint a leather jacket - at home or at a dry cleaner?

Faced with the task of recovering the topclothes, which is the jacket, the edge raises the question, where is the leather jacket better painted, at home on their own or trusted professionals? Each of these options has its pros and cons.

Of course, using dry cleaning services, werely on the knowledge and skills of its employees. However, there were cases when these professionals were not at their best. The client received a spoiled thing, and even with it they asked for money. Nightmare.

If you take the risk and still do paintinghis jacket alone, you can save money and nerves. And if something does not work out, then at least it will not be so offensive. I decided to do it myself. So, perhaps, we will dwell on the question of how to paint a leather jacket at home, in more detail.

How to paint a leather jacket at home?

But for this we need to find out one morean important point. How to paint a leather jacket so that the effect is the best? At present, there are a lot of dye funds, but they are all divided into liquid and aerosols.

To paint a leather jacket with aerosolmeans, it is cleaned with a soft damp cloth from dirt, hang on the hangers and spray sprays slowly. Just be careful to keep the paint evenly spread.

With a liquid dye, they are treated like this. The jacket is cleaned from dust and dirt in the same way as in the first case. The dye is poured into a wide shallow bowl and applied with a sponge to the skin, evenly spreading over its surface. And during drying, periodically sip or crush painted areas, so that they remain soft and supple.

And in that, and in another case, paint the jacketit is better than the subtle, starting from the most inconspicuous places, to see the reaction of the skin. As you can see, the question of how to paint a leather jacket will be completely resolved, try it, and you will succeed.