how to wash a leather jacket

Wash leather jacket is strictly prohibited! After washing, the leather jacket can become stained, the paint can be peeled off, and the skin can lose the protective layer. It is not a fact that the stains are washed. In general, washing a leather jacket is the right way to send a thing to the trash.

Is it possible to wash the leather jacket by hand, gently cleaning the stains in the water?

Neither manually, nor in a typewriter, nor with a delicatewashing does not do this. The skin is never erased and under no circumstances. There is no way to properly wash a leather jacket. The jacket can only be cleaned. Not necessarily in dry cleaning, many stains can be removed and at home, but you can not wash leather products!

Here are a few secrets to cleaning a leather jacket:

  1. Water and soap can be used, but it is impossible to immerse the jacket in them.
  2. An aqueous solution of soap and ammonia is dipped in a sponge and gently handles the surface of the jacket to a shine.
  3. An aqueous solution with glycerin will return the jacket a shine and a well-groomed appearance.
  4. After treatment with a soap solution with ammonia or glycerin, the jacket is wiped with a napkin impregnated with castor oil.
  5. Another affordable and quick way to update the jacket is to wipe its surface with a sponge soaked in a shampoo solution.
  6. Slightly beaten egg whites can restore the brilliance of even a very old leather thing.

How to clean a light leather jacket?

To clean a light-colored jacket, you need to mix petrol and white magnesia powder. The resulting mixture is applied to the jacket and removed by careful movements with a clothing brush.

How to get rid of the scars on the skin?

In the process of wearing the skin is erased, especially inelbows, on the shoulders under the straps of bags, on cuffs and at the collars, and also in the vicinity of the fasteners. Return the jacket of the original appearance will help a normal transparent shoe cream. It is applied to abrasions. But on cuffs and collar to use a cream is not so convenient, as he can leave traces on clothes or on arms or hand. It is much more convenient to use to remove scuffs on the cuffs with orange peel. The necessary skin areas are simply wiped with the outer side of a fresh orange peel.

How to remove grease stains from leather jackets?

There are several ways for this:

  1. Starch, chalk, talcum powder. To wash the stains on the leather jacket,it is sufficient to use a mixture of starch powder, chalk and talc (or baby powder). The powder is applied to the stain for half an hour and then carefully cleaned with a brush. Use salt in the removal of stains is not recommended, as the delicate skin can easily be damaged by salt crystals and leave scratches on the jacket.
  2. Dishwashing liquid. If the stain is old, the dishwashing detergent will cope with it. It is applied to the skin with a sponge and

    stains on a leather jacket

    wipe, then the remnants of the remedy are removed with a damp cloth.
  3. Potato starch. Kasha from potato starch - excellentmeans for removing oily stains from the skin. It is applied to the contaminated area, lightly rubbed and left for 15-20 minutes. Then the gruel is removed, and the skin is wiped with gasoline.
  4. Cleaning napkins for monitors. A fresh stain can be removed with napkins to clean LCD monitors that contain impregnation that allows the surface to be cleaned of grease.
  5. Special means. Shops offer special tools forremoval of fat spots from the skin. Sprays mostly cope with fresh spots, and napkins, depending on the composition, can be used for both fresh and relatively old blemishes. But both types of stain remover can not cope with the stale old dirt - it is better to entrust cleaning to dry cleaners.