Care for a leather jacket

Comfortable leather products were worn by our distantancestors who first appreciated the advantages of such clothes. Such clothes are very comfortable, almost waterproof, easy to clean and not very dirty - the benefits can be listed for a long time. In addition, it suits perfectly to jeans and other materials. Make a successful set with a leather jacket or trousers, a good fashionista will not be difficult. But you must follow the rules and some precautions so as not to spoil the expensive and stylish thing. Is it possible to wash and iron the leather jacket, in what conditions is it stored? Let's try to answer these common questions shortly.

How to wash a leather jacket?

You can not throw it into an ordinary washing machine. Even a delicate regime can spoil it. If you can not do without it, then clean it by hand or give it to the dry cleaning. Dirty stains from the surface should be removed with usual or soapy water. Gasoline or thinner degreases the skin, it is better to abandon them. Needless to rub the stain is not necessary, so as not to damage the material. If this does not help, you can buy a ready stain remover for leather products. Caring for a leather jacket is not such an easy task, but glycerin can help you. If this means to periodically wipe the collar or cuffs, then it will give them extra shine.

The jacket can get wet if you accidentally getunder the rain. First, carefully wipe the skin with a piece of soft cloth, and then hang the clothes on the hangers. Dry it gradually at normal room temperature. Rapid drying on the heater can damage the skin. Special moisture repellent sprays and impregnations will help prolong the life of your jacket.

How to iron a leather jacket?

In dry cleaners, sewing workshops and on othersEnterprises for this purpose use professional compactors, presses and irons. Use a conventional device very carefully. To iron it is necessary from the inside and only through the cloth flap, setting the "wool" mode. Do not store in the closet jacket, which has not yet completely dried up. The shoulders should be wide so that the skin does not become deformed. In the closet, the leather jacket must breathe. Therefore, discard various plastic bags or sealed pouches. We hope that our recommendations will help you look after the products made of genuine leather.