how to wash a ski jacket

Jackets for skiers and snowboardersdiffer from the usual outerwear. Ski jackets have a special membrane, due to which all moisture (sweat) is discharged outside, and the cold and water outside does not penetrate inside. So, in such a jacket you will not freeze and do not get sick. Of course, and care for the ski jacket needs a special one so that it does not lose its original properties.

How to properly wash the ski jacket?

Here are some recommendations on how to wash a ski jacket:

  1. Label. The manufacturer always indicates full information about washing and caring for clothes.
  2. Powder. The membrane of the jacket contains special pores,through which moisture is drawn out. To prevent these pores from clogging, do not use powders with bleach when washing. To wash the ski jacket, a special powder or a special detergent for membrane things is suitable.
  3. Wash. If the jacket label indicates that it is authorizedmachine wash, it is better to set a gentle mode without wringing and drying. This will preserve the membrane structure. If you wash by hand, use also special products or a normal soap if the contamination is negligible.
  4. Water temperature. At what temperature should the ski jacket be washed on the label. Usually it is limited to 30-40 degrees.
  5. Drying. Ski jacket must be dried in a straightenedform, hung on the clothesline or put on a clean towel. After the jacket dries, it is recommended to apply DWR - water-repellent impregnation on it. If you put it on the dirty material of the jacket, you will not get a water repellent effect.
  6. Ironing. Ski jacket in any case can not be ironed. Under the influence of heat, the upper synthetic fabric may melt and the membrane damage.