How to Wash Polyester

Polyester is a very popular fabric, it can resemble cotton, silk, be tight or airy. How to wash a polyester fabric, you will learn from this article.

Whether it is possible to erase polyester, will prompt a label onclothes. Be sure to learn it, there manufacturers indicate what washing is shown your thing. If you see that the label shows a crossed basin - you can not erase such a thing, you can clean it only by a dry method.

How to wash things out of polyester?

Things that show hand washing, you needwash in non-flammable water with washing powder. Never boil! Polyester is easily deformed from hot water. The most optimal temperature for washing is 20-40 degrees. For light things use any powder without bleach, for dark it is not bad to use a special tool for black. Do not wash dark things together with light ones, even if you thought that they did not shed.

Thin polyester can be washed by hand or inwashing machine-machine in the mode of "Delicate washing" at a temperature of not more than 30 degrees. After washing it is better not to wring out in a centrifuge, but to hang it on the hangers in the bathroom and squeeze it slightly. With this method of drying things can not even iron.

How to wash a jacket or a coat of polyester?

Before washing, fasten the jacket to all rivets andlightning. When washing in the washing machine, you need to set the "Delicate Wash" mode. The water temperature should not be above 40 degrees. Dry the jacket on the shoulders, hung over the bathroom. The jacket of polyester dries quickly enough.

Washing the coat is little different from washing the jacket. Washing can be done only with warm water by hands or in a washing machine in a delicate mode. It is better to use a liquid detergent, it is better rinsed out of the fabric and more carefully washed.