How to wash an artificial fur

Today you can meet more and more products withArtificial fur instead of natural. This is understandable, because artificial fur is cheaper, and by weight it is easier. In order to sew a fur coat, for example, you do not need to kill animals. Modern technology allows you to create a fur, in appearance very similar to natural.

We all understand that any article when wornGradually becomes dirty. It is best to give it to dry cleaners. However, this service is quite expensive, and if you want to save, then let's try to find out whether it is possible to erase artificial fur and how to do it.

How to wash fur from a jacket?

Practically on any fur product should beA label with the washing conditions of the product indicated on it. There are things that can not be washed. Especially it concerns products with a long artificial fur: when washing, it falls and will not look very aesthetic. However, most often products made of artificial fur can be washed in cool water, not above + 40 ° C. Washing should be done manually or in a machine in a gentle mode and with special detergents. Do not squeeze and dry such a product in the car.

If you decide to wash a jacket of artificialFurs by hand, then you need to moisten the clothes brush in the cleaning solution and gently clean the product with it in the direction of the nap. After this, it is necessary to rinse the thing well under warm water. Unscrewing things from faux fur is prohibited. You just need to gently squeeze the water, preferably with a terry towel. Dry the jacket at room temperature, hanging on the hanger. Never dry artificial fur on batteries or other heaters. After the final drying of the fur, it can be gently combed to give splendor and volume.

Fur on a hood, as a rule, is tightly sewn toproduct, so you need to wash the entire jacket. If you want to clean only the fur, then you can clean it with foam from a solution of washing soap or powder. After moistening the tampon in such a solution, carefully wipe the contaminated fur. After this, remove the remaining foam from the damp sponge. Dry the jacket in the same way as after washing.