How to wash the park?

Excellent clothes for a cold winter - longWinter jacket-park with a heater of fluff or synthetics. The park has excellent water-repellent qualities, it is not blown by the wind, and the filler makes it warm and irreplaceable even in a 50-degree frost. Parks are made of various materials: nylon, cotton, denim and even silk. Like any other outerwear, the park from time to time needs to be cleaned. The washing process is the same for all types of parks.

How to wash a park jacket?

Consider whether it is possible to wash the park out of cotton and synthetics and how to do it correctly.

First of all, it is necessary to read the notation forWashing of parks, which are usually applied on the label of the jacket. Some of its types can not be washed at all. In this case, the jacket should be given to dry cleaners. Or clean the park in a dry way.

  1. Before washing the jacket it is necessary to fasten allButtons, zippers and buttons on it, and then turn the product inside out. So the park itself will be protected from deformation, and various metal fittings on it - from scratches on the drum machine.
  2. It is best to wash the park in washingAutomatic machine with front loading, as all other machines have a more coarse impact on the down jacket. A good option is to wash the park with tennis balls, which, spinning along with the jacket in the drum of the machine, will smash the fluff inside the jacket and prevent it from falling into a lump.
  3. Stretch the park in cold waterWith gentle mode without automatic spinning. Twisting the jacket by hand, watch, pure water flows from it or else dirty. In the latter case, stretch the park again in the car.
  4. The next stage will be washing the parks in 30-degree water, but already with 2/3 glasses of special liquid detergent for washing down products.
  5. Now it's time to dry the parks. Lay out the jacket on a flat horizontal surface: on the floor, for example,

    Is it possible to wash the park

    Or on the table. Soak on top of the park with a well-absorbent towel.
  6. In order to dry the park for fluff,It is necessary to use a low-temperature dryer. And every ten minutes you need to take out your jacket and shake it thoroughly, breaking the caked down inside it. You can dry the park and near any heat sources: central heating batteries, heater, etc. But in this case, from time to time, always shake the jacket to evenly dry the filler.

The park will serve you more than one season, if you treat it carefully and correctly wash the product.