How to wash a jacket on a sintepon

At present, sintepon is considered durableand a reliable filler of outerwear. He is inferior to thermal qualities only natural fluff, but to care for the synthepone is much easier. Next, we'll talk about how to properly wash the synthon jacket.

Before you wash the synthon jacket,it is necessary to find out what material it is made from, because synthetic fiber is different. A cheaper option is a glued sintepon, its particles are joined together by an adhesive. Such clothes look lavish and elegant, but you can not erase it, as it can lose its appearance. But the jacket, filled with needle-punched or thermosetting sintepon, is not afraid of either manual washing or automatic.

Manually wash better with household soap,liquid agents or powders that do not contain bleach. Now we will answer the question, at what temperature it is allowed to wash the jacket from the sintepon. Manufacturers of outer clothing recommend to adhere to a low temperature regime, which should not exceed 30 degrees. Do not soak sinteponovye things, it is better to prewash them with a usual soap, dishwashing detergent or stain remover.

In which mode is the jacket to be washed?

In the washing machine sintepon well preserved,if you use special programs for delicate or hand-washing. And in no case should not include the "Spin" and "Drying" modes. As with hand washing, the powder for the machine should be selected without bleach.

For best effect, rinse thoroughly and use a large amount of water. In this case, the product will not leave traces and stains from the powder.

Dry the jacket can be, hanging on the hanger or spreading on a flat surface. Synthepone dries quickly. If it is necessary to smooth the fabric, this can be done with an iron using a gauze lining.