Than to wash off a blood from clothes

As any of us is not insured against smalleveryday troubles, the best way to overcome them is to have certain knowledge and skills. For example, if you are resting at a cottage or with friends in the countryside, you have clapped a boring mosquito in your hearts, and a spot of blood has blossomed on your favorite light T-shirt or blouse. Naturally, immediately the thought slips - and does the blood wash off the clothes, or is the thing hopelessly spoiled? To panic it is not necessary - removal of blood stains from clothes is not such a difficult process, but something, nevertheless, it is necessary to know.

How to get rid of blood stains on clothes?

First of all, the blood is in no way impossiblewash in hot water. Why? All is explained quite simply. Already at 42 ° C, the process of coagulation (coagulation) of blood proteins begins. In this condition, they simply "bake" between the fibers of the fabric, and get rid of the stain without dry cleaning services will be almost impossible. A fresh, freshly stained spot is best washed immediately in cold water. It is much more difficult to get rid of dried blood stains. There are several possible ways to remove old blood stains from clothes at home. The initial procedure, the common for all method of removing stains, is soaking the stained stuff for several hours in cold water. To enhance the soaking effect in water, you can add a few tablespoons of common table salt or drop a few drops of hydrogen peroxide onto the stain. If you are not sure of the durability of coloring colored things, first check the effect of peroxide on the fabric of the product in some inconspicuous place.

Then the thing should try to wash withusing household soap, since it contains a lot of alkali and stains of biological origin, they are quite well removed. Products made from coarse fabrics, such as jeans, can be washed with a soda solution. To do this, in a liter of water should dissolve 50 grams of baking soda. With this solution soak a dirty place, and then rinse well

Than to wash off a blood from clothes1

in flowing cool water. </ P>

And what about fine fabrics? How can I wash blood from clothes made of delicate fabrics? In this case, potato starch will come to the rescue.

Prepared porridge from starch and smallthe amount of water that is then applied to a contaminated area on both sides of the fabric and left to dry completely. Then starch is simply shaken off, and clothes are washed in the usual way. At all stages of removing stains of blood from clothing (soaking, washing), you can use detergents specially designed for removing biological contaminants that contain active oxygen.