How to clean a leather jacket

All leather things are durable and practical. But at the same time they are polluted and require periodic cleaning. It is not recommended to wash them, as the skin becomes wrinkled from water and can even crack. And if the thing is white, then the problem of how to clean a leather jacket is very acute. Let's find out how to cleanse the skin.

How to clean natural and artificial skin?

Jackets from a genuine leather can not be cleanedmeans containing a solvent, since this can remove the paint. The best option is to clean the jacket with pure alcohol. But artificial leather or suede should be cleaned with a sponge, soaking it in a detergent solution for wool or silk.

Before cleaning, try to remove stains from the leather jacket (if any). Oil traces can be wiped with a cloth dampened in gasoline. Ink contamination is removed with alcohol.

A leather product is not very dirty, thenyou can wipe it with a damp sponge, and then wipe it dry with a soft cloth. If this does not work, try to clean the skin with soap and water. A good effect is lemon juice. Wipe them with a leather jacket, and it will become clean and shiny. In cases where the skin on your jacket has become dry and rough, you can fix it by wiping it with a sponge with a mixture of water and glycerin. This will clear it, and glycerin will also soften the skin.

A light or white leather jacket can be cleaned with milk. Traces of milk on the light will not remain, and the skin will become softer and more elastic.

How to clean the collar of a leather jacket?

The collar is that part of the jacket thatis polluted the fastest. To clean it, take a pinch of soda on a damp soft cloth and gently rub the dirty collar for 1-2 minutes. To the collar is not so much contaminated, under the outer clothing beautifully tie a scarf.

With any cleaning method, remember thatmoist skin is easily stretched, so you can not rub it heavily. And after cleaning, you need to hang your jacket at room temperature and allow it to dry completely during the day.