How to choose a carpet

Still long since the presence of carpets in the house was a signProsperity and well-being. Now, carpets take on the role of interior items. Unfortunately, not everyone clearly understands how to choose the right carpet, so that it lasts long and well. To do this, you should focus not only on your taste preferences for color or shape, but also on where the carpet will be used, on its material and size.

Material for carpets

A material for making carpets, as forAny other textile product, is fiber. Fibers can be natural (cotton, linen, wool, silk, sisal) or artificial (rayon, polypropylene, polyacryl, polyester) origin. When it comes to what carpet to choose, one must understand its functional purpose.

So, for example, for a bedroom can with pleasureChoose a carpet of natural fibers with a thick, long and soft pile. He will delight your bare feet, when you wake up in the morning, will create coziness and comfort in the room. For a living room or a children's room it is better to choose a lower pile, such carpets are more practical and there are no traces of furniture on them. But for the hallway or the kitchen, artificial carpets will do. They are resistant to abrasion and have a water repellent impregnation.

Color and pattern

According to the color scheme, the choice of carpets is unlimited. Remember that light tones visually increase space, while large geometric shapes are narrowed. It should also be borne in mind that on a colored carpet dirt is less noticeable than on a monophonic carpet. Therefore, for monotonous carpets need more care.

The carpet, like all interior items, shouldTo be combined with the general style of the room. This is not necessary except for the children's room. Here you can choose pictures with flowers, cars or fairy-tale heroes.

How to choose the size of the carpet?

Basically carpets are divided into large - 6Square meters and more, medium - 3-6 and small - up to 3. A large carpet forms the general appearance of the room. With the help of medium-sized carpets, it is possible to single out individual zones of the room or to create a bright accent on some particular area of ​​the room. Well, small mats are often used near beds, armchairs or sofas.

So, adhering to the above simple tips, you do not have long to think about how to choose a carpet in a nursery, bedroom or another room. Good luck with your choice.