From beads, you can create not only beautiful ornaments, but also flat or three-dimensional figures. In this master class, you will learn how to make a three-dimensional cat out of beads, without using complex patterns of weaving.

Master-class: how to make a three-dimensional cat from beads

It will take:

  • beads: black, white, green, pink and red;
  • ball - 2 pcs. - one large, the second - less;
  • black paint;
  • wire, fishing line;
  • beads: red - 3pcs, white - 5pcs.

How to make cat out of beads1



  1. We paint with black paint a ball of greater diameter, leaving a white circle for a pussy.
  2. Around the withered ball, plait a chain with a crosson its circumference, on a white background - white beads, on black - black. Having made a strip with a width of 4 beads, we continue to weave, removing in each direction one after the other (up and down) of the number of beads, so that the beads fit tightly to the ball.

How to make cat out of beads2

How to make a cat 3

Paws and tail

Cut off 5 pieces of wire length of about 20cm, put on a white bead, fold the wire in half, so that the bead was in the middle, and tighten, leave the tail at the end of 4-5 cm long. The longest tail is made, and the shortest - the two front paws.

How to make a cat out of beads4

  1. We pass the tail of the wire through a bead on the ball and wind the rest on the main part of the paw to fix it. So we attach to the ball all 5 limbs.
  2. How to make a cat 5

    How to make a cat out of beads6

  3. To floss the leg with beads, the first row is hooked over the beads of the body and we begin to braid the wire with a mosaic band: first we take 3 beads, and then 5 beads.
  4. How to make a cat 7

  5. Having reached the white bead, we begin to weave a white bead with a cross, adding the necessary number of beads to the next row, until the whole bead is wrapped around. We do so with all the remaining wires.

How to make cat out of beads8

How to make cat out of beads9

How to make a cat bead10


  1. Prepared a smaller ball we paint black and we only braid black beads, as well as the trunk.
  2. How to make a cat out of beads11

  3. We begin to make the muzzle of our cat. Green beads sew on the eyes, and a pink nose and a red mouth weave between the beads of the face. To make ears, we recruit a corner and bracelet the rest. Whiskers do just skipping 3-4 pieces of fishing line through the wicker muzzle.
  4. How to make a cat out of beads12

  5. To attach the head to the body, we add another row of black beads with a cross.
  6. How to make a cat 13

    How to make a cat out of beads14

  7. We sew the head with a line to the body, tightly pulling each other.
  8. We make a heart. For this we weave 2 crosses in the form of hearts in a cross-stitch, sew them on the sides, putting in the middle red beads for volume. Sew it to the paws of our finished cat.

How to make a cat out of beads15

By the same algorithm as a cat sewn from a bead, taking balls of smaller diameter, you can make a kitten. And also you can weave from a bead a snake or a spider.